Haunting Evidence

truTV (ended 2008)



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  • not even gonna bother.

    Just because they put that woman in front like she's something special. Haven't even watched the show and it's already garbage. Women think that just because they have been given an affirmative action card to get rewarded for the suffering of women who lived in a time that women today do not.....that they can be the star of every show, take credit for everything, have all the good jobs, even to the point of men losing theirs, take men to court and screw him out of everything he'll ever have because women win every court case...especially just because they are women (for some reason) and then they pop out a kid and use that kid to pry into the man's wallet further...all the while complaining and looking for sympathy because they are a single mother...which is the situation, they themselves, begged for. I won't watch this silly crap because I think equality is not exactly equality....it's women pissing on the backs of men and telling them it's raining and the stupid men everywhere....beg for more....where are your managerial jobs you used to have now men? Who owns your children? was the court fair to you? Is your boss now a woman? Is this the plan GOD had for humanity..that men are to be submissive to women? Screw this government agenda crap...they are trying to make men weak while they take over our country and women are all to eager to help the NWO. I will never support a movie where women are in control. Burn that idea. I am tired of giving all my stuff simply because someone is female and I am supposed to pity and remunerate them for the way men treated them in a time where none of us were even alive. When does this Feminist Free card, that we are so indebted, to stop? Why are women today getting rewarded for the suffering of others in a time when they did not even live? Look around men an wake up...the seduction and manipulation has taken everything from us. We fell for their "I am weak and frail" tricks and now we have nothing left....(for any man who comes on here to defend women against what I have said, YOU ARE TH REASON WHY THEY HAVE SUCCEEDED! YOU AR A TRAITOR TO MEN AND OUR KIND.YOU ARE WEAK AND FRAIL EVEN MORE-SO THAN WOMEN WOULD HAVE US BELIEVE THEY ARE)
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