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Have Gun - Will Travel

Season 5 Episode 13

A Knight to Remember

Aired Saturday 9:30 PM Dec 09, 1961 on CBS
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Episode Summary

A Knight to Remember
Paladin is hired to find Don Esteban, who has disappeared. When he finds him he is dressed as a knight in armor and thinks he is Don Quixote.

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    Dolores Donlon

    Dolores Donlon

    Dulcinea Caloca

    Guest Star

    Robert Carricart

    Robert Carricart

    Dirty Dog

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    Richard Shannon

    Richard Shannon


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    Kam Tong

    Kam Tong

    Hey Boy

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      • (Paladin and another man are fencing, with a young lady standing by. Paladin scores a touch.)
        Andelli: (Angrily) Touche!
        Paladin: Temper, Senor Andelli, temper, temper, temper. (Andelli storms out of the room.)
        Lady: Well, now that you've won me, Paladin, what do you intend to do with me?
        Paladin: Well, I have been giving that some medieval thought.

      • Alejandro: There isn't a man in this county who wants my father's blood on his hands.
        Paladin: But as a stranger, I'm elected. Because it doesn't matter if I have your father's blood on my hands.
        Alejandro: You don't want to understand me, Mr. Paladin: He sees an old friend of years ago. All he remembers is some...little argument. He forgets everything else. The old friend is his enemy. But to you, a stranger, he can be neutral.

      • (The charging knight has unhorsed the startled Paladin.)
        Knight: Arise, Black Knight of Hades, and meet death on your feet. Or would you, foul enchanter that you are, prefer to die upon your knees?

      • Paladin: Now, you wouldn't by any chance be Don Esteban Gutierrez Coloca, would you? (The knight bows)
        Knight: And you sir, by what name are you called?
        Paladin: Paladin.
        (The knight stares at the emblem on Paladin's holster)
        Knight: Are you a knight?
        Paladin: Well, in a manner of speaking.
        Knight: May I tell you something? I am not truly a knight. I've never been formally invested.
        Paladin: Well, your secret is safe with me. I may even be able to help you. Shall we...away?
        Knight: There is, uh, one more thing.
        Paladin: What's that?
        Knight: I must find the Lady Dulcinea.
        Paladin: Who?
        Knight: Why sir, a lady. For a knight-errant without a lady-love is like, like a tree without leaves or fruit. A body without a soul.

      • Knight: The monster is coming. The giant Caraculiambro, is coming. I know it, I feel it. And I, I have to keep my vigil. In the chapel, I must sit, and watch my armor, till the dawn.
        Innkeeper: We ain't got no chapel!
        Paladin: Come tonight's vigil, the outside may do as well. For what is the outdoors, with the bright bower of stars, if it be not indeed, God's own chapel?
        Knight: It might do!

      • (Paladin intervenes before the knight can smite an innocent cow. Dirty Dog attacks him with his knife.)
        Knight: Enough! But I can't tolerate this fellow much longer.
        Paladin: Old man, you cannot go around killing cows!
        Knight: Well, I had a nobler object next. The house. And all the dreams that are in it.
        Paladin: Don Quixote, what are we ever gonna do with you?

      • (The knight marches over to the body of a man, gun in hand, apparently killed by his lance.)
        Knight: Madly he charged us. Foaming in his desire to see us dead and do us harm. Cursing the sky and his god! Bravely, I leveled my lance and smote him. Now, I am a true knight. (Paladin looks at Dirty Dog, who studiously looks away.)
        Paladin: Yes. Now you are a true knight. (Takes the sword.) Don Quixote, de la Mancha, kneel. (The knight does so.) By the laws of knighthood, and the powers which I have wrested from the former king of this castle, and the strength of all the monsters, and of Caraculiambro, whom I have killed, I dub thee: Knight. (Taps the knight's shoulder with the sword.) Arise, Sir Knight. Go and claim your castle.
        Knight: But the monster!
        Paladin: Don Esteban. I have killed your son. I'm, sorry.
        Dulicinea: Father.
        Knight: Caraculiambro is dead? (Paladin nods.) Come, my dear. Let us go home. (As the knight and Dulcinea walk towards the house, Paladin turns to Dirty Dog.)
        Paladin: To him, your name is Sancho Panza. He will feed you, pay you, and you will take care of him. (Dirty Dog strides after them.)
        Innkeeper: Say, you ain't just going to let the old man wander off like that!
        Paladin: Well, I have an idea that this Indian summer of chivalry is over. But, if anyone gets an idea to hurt him--to bait him, to push him into a fight--I'll hear about it. And I will come back. You might do well, in the words of his favorite author, to remember: "'Tis a foolish thing, dwelling 'neath a roof of glass, to stone thy neighbors as they pass."

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