Have Gun - Will Travel

Season 5 Episode 5

A Proof of Love

Aired Saturday 9:30 PM Oct 14, 1961 on CBS



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    • Paladin: Henry, I'd say that's suicide.
      Henry: Well, maybe I'm better off dead, then.
      Paladin: Well, let's keep that as a last resort.

    • Paladin: I'm looking for Henry Grey?
      Mrs. Grey: What do you want with him?
      Paladin: Well, it's a personal matter.
      Mrs. Grey: I give birth to him, tain't nothin' more personal than that.
      Paladin: Yes, ma'am.

    • Paladin: I'm Paladin.
      Henry: Henry Grey. I'm ready when you are.
      Paladin: Well, Henry, before I take you on, I'd like to know what this is all about.
      Henry: Well...I bought me a mail-order woman. I paid out fifty in cash to the marriage man, a hundred and eighty-five dollars and sixty-six cents to transport her from New York City. And another thirty-seven dollars for all kinds of odds and ends. I got receipts fer 'em. Now, three days after she gets out here, I no sooner turn around, than she's gone over to Rud Saxon on the next farm. Mr. Paladin, I got to learn how to shoot.
      Paladin: You want her back.
      Henry: I want my money back. I'll pay you half of my refund for learnin' me how to shoot.
      Paladin: That'd make my share about a hundred and thirty dollars?

    • Paladin: Callie, Henry Grey spent a lot of hard-earned money to bring you here. Now, since Rud Saxon is getting all the benefit from it, I think Henry's entitled to a refund.
      Callie: Henry Grey is a moulari. You understand? You agree?
      Paladin: No, I do not agree that he is a jackass. He's a proud man, and you stripped him of his pride.
      Callie: I never do a thing like this to a man.
      Paladin: Well, what then, Callie? You accept his proposal, his money, then walk away and leave him an object of ridicule?
      allie: I do not mean to do this.
      Paladin: Callie, hey, you think it's fair, that Henry should spend his life savings to bring you here for Rud Saxon?
      Callie: I would have been good to him. I was meant to be good to my husband, to give him many many children! But also I was meant to sing, to laugh, and to dance. And this Henry Grey and his mama--three days! And then--you saw, you understand.

    • (The Greys and Paladin are sitting out on the porch in the evening. Sounds of revelry are in the air.)
      Paladin: Well, that sounds like quite a party over there. That girl must have really upset your routine when she lived here. I suppose you're just as well out of it. Girl like that would never understand your way of life.
      Mrs. Grey: Our way is the right way. The way it's always been. Always will be.
      Paladin: You know, it's shattering to think how many people might possibly agree with you. Myself, I've always favored the freer in spirit. But if your way of life brings you happiness...then it's the right way. And Henry--you should find yourself a woman with no nonsense about her. Nice, quiet, docile kind of girl, that would live here in the house with you and your mother and do tomorrow exactly what she did today, and right on time. Girl like Callie's not for you. "He who shuts out Love, in turn shall be shut out from Love, and on her threshold, lie howling in the outer darkness." Now what do you suppose make me think of that? Alfred Tennyson.

    • (Alone on the hall floor, Callie starts to dance while singing in Greek. Paladin translates the gist of the song to Henry)
      Paladin: She says she's young and beautiful, and can love whom she desires. And if it is written in her fate, to a foreign land she must go. Give her love.... Well, Henry. You want your woman back?
      Henry: Yeah. I gotta have her back.
      Paladin: (Pulling out his flask) Would you, uh, like a little more of this courage before you, uh--
      Henry: Oh. No siree, I know what that is, and there ain't no Grey ever been a drinkin' man.
      Paladin: Well, there ain't no Grey ever had a wife called Kalliope, either.

    • (Callie and Rud Saxon are dancing out on the floor)
      Paladin: Henry, you don't have to be great. You just have to let her know that you're trying.
      Henry: I don't like 'em laughing at me. This dancin' ain't for men. It just ain't manly.
      Paladin: Oh? Henry. (Hands over his flask and gun belt before moving out onto the floor to cut in with Callie)

    • (Mrs. Grey walks into the hall, bringing the music to a screeching halt)
      Mrs. Grey: You've made enough of a fool of yourself for one evening, Henry Grey. It's time you came home.
      (Long pause, as Paladin and Callie eye Henry)
      Henry: If I wanna make a fool of myself, I'm gonna make a fool of myself. Now, you get on home, Ma. Go on. Before I decide to get mad. (Mrs. Grey, stunned, turns to go)
      Paladin: Miz Grey? Miz Grey, no matter what you think, your life is not over. Remember Ecclesiastes, where it tells about a time to get, and a time to cast away. You go home, Mrs. Grey, and wait for your son. And if you love him, you pray that when he comes home, his woman will be with him.

    • (Callie applauds Paladin after he knocks Saxon unconcious)
      Paladin: Thank you. Well, Callie? Which one do you choose?
      Callie: Poor Rud. I feel very sad for him; he lose me.
      Paladin: It's too bad you don't have any sisters.
      Callie: Oh, but I have many! I have Efronsini, Demetra, Polyxena--
      Paladin: That settles it; I'm going back to Greece.
      Callie: No, no, no. Don't go to Greece. I bring them here!
      (Paladin bursts out laughing and hands her his card as he prepares to haul Henry home)

  • Notes

    • This episode was filmed in part at the Abbott Ranch in Prineville Oregon. The hall sequences were filmed at the officer's club at Camp Abbott.

  • Allusions

    • Paladin was paraphrasing a bit from Alfred, Lord Tennyson (1809-1892).

      "He that shuts love out, in turn shall be Shut out from love, and on her threshold lie, Howling in outer darkness."

      The line is from the poem "To ----: I send you here a sort of allegory". (1833)

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