Have Gun - Will Travel

Season 4 Episode 18

A Quiet Night in Town - Part II

Aired Saturday 9:30 PM Jan 14, 1961 on CBS



  • Trivia

    • The deputy sheriff made a comment about Joe Culp which sounded peculiar; it sounded like "...he did the right the river by". In a listing of authentic Western slang from the late 19th century (as opposed to TV and movie slang) the phrase "Someone to ride the river with" meant a dependable person. This makes sense in the context of the deputy's dialogue. (Paladin, himself, would be known as a "curly wolf"--a very tough, very dangerous man, as well as a "flannel mouth"--a smooth talker. He would probably also be considered "the boss"--the best.)

  • Quotes

    • Dot: Mr. Paladin! Leave Roy alone. He's sorry.
      Paladin: You get yourself another man. I smell death on him.
      Dot: I'll put Joe Culp on you!
      Paladin: You do that! You tell Joe Culp.

    • Culp: That arm's bad, huh? I didn't want to do that. But that sheepherder purely got under my skin.
      Paladin: A man died, because you needed someone to hate?
      Culp: You know, the funny thing is, I'm sorry I pulled the trigger.
      Paladin: I give you the same chance I gave him. Live, and stand trial. I give you that chance. Even though you are a pig! And a half-breed Apache squaw and your tribe eats with pigs!
      (Both men draw and fire)
      Deputy: Left handed! You took a chance!
      Paladin: No. These things are my profession. He was a fool.

    • Deputy: He's as good as the men who killed him now. Maybe even better. No more pain. No more nothin'.
      Paladin: Hell hath its pain, too. Everlasting fire, sins to rue....
      Dot: Mister?
      Paladin: Hmmm?
      Dot: You were bringing that man to trial. He was guilty, wasn't he?
      Paladin: I don't know.
      Dot: They'd hang him, for burning those cowpunchers.
      Paladin: Yes. If he was guilty.
      Dot: Then he got what was coming. You, you had your blood, you killed Joe Culp. Just...let it go.
      Paladin: No. No, they killed him because they were bored. Or they didn't like the way he spit, or the way I looked at them. So he died. Well, those men who killed him will die for a better reason.
      Dot: You mean justice?
      Paladin: That's right.
      Dot: Not justice! Revenge! You're no better than they are!

    • Deputy: Just the same I still say he was a good man.
      Paladin: Who? Culp!?
      Deputy: That's right! I knowed him since he was fifteen years old. He was a good man in his time and in his place!
      Paladin: You mean he was good to his mother. He didn't beat the dog.
      Deputy: Mister, in a hard land and hard times he did the right the river by. Now don't you take that away from him. Speak good of the dead! Didn't you ever hear that?
      Paladin: "Murder most foul is in the best it is. But this, most foul, strange, and unusual"...Rennie, I don't forgive him.
      Deputy: And the others?
      Paladin: He pulled the trigger, that's the only difference.
      Deputy: No. I say they watched.
      Paladin: You know better than that!
      Deputy: I say they watched! I say they never would have hung him!
      Paladin: You want me to stop.
      Deputy: Yes!
      Paladin: They wouldn't have hung him? He died by mistake?
      Deputy: That's right.
      Paladin: And for nothing?
      Deputy: (Hesitates) That's right!
      Paladin: Well, let it be the same with them--by mistake and for nothing!
      Deputy: I can't do anything about them.
      Paladin: Rennie, there's something evil loose in this town. I'll give them their choice. They put these {chains} on, or they die.

    • Paladin: This a trap?
      Deputy: Ah, he's troubled, his conscience is hurtin' him. Joe Culp is dead and he's the one who told him who Kincaid was. He's just curryin' favor. Ever notice how some people just can't wait to get down on their knees? I don't want you to use that shotgun. Unless you have to.
      Paladin: Rennie. Those are your friends out there. You come with that rifle, you may have to pull the trigger.
      Deputy: Like you said, we got to set it right. Oh, sure, I'll hate to shoot, Paladin. So it's sure I'll be doing it for justice alone. Hmm? What about you, Paladin? Will you still be mad when you squeeze the trigger? That'd be...revenge, wouldn't it?

    • (Paladin bends over the wounded deputy)
      Deputy: I'll be all right. Was ya?
      Paladin: Was I what?
      Deputy: Was you mad when you squeezed the trigger?
      Paladin: (Shakes his head) Rennie, I don't know if I can lift you or not.
      Deputy: You mean what you said to Ben? Or do you still want the boy?
      Paladin: I still want him. I stop now, what's all this been for?

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