Have Gun - Will Travel

Season 2 Episode 30


Aired Saturday 9:30 PM Apr 18, 1959 on CBS
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Paladin plays chess by mail with Boris, who is living in Alaska. Paladin receives what he assumes is Boris' next move but instead is a request for help. Boris is being forced out of territory he has hunted and trapped on for years. Paladin heads for Alaska to help.moreless

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Karl Swenson

Karl Swenson

Boris Tosheff

Guest Star

Richard Shannon

Richard Shannon

Carl Grimes

Guest Star

Elizabeth York

Elizabeth York

Abby Morton

Guest Star

Kam Tong

Kam Tong

Hey Boy

Recurring Role

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    • (There is a standoff; Abby with her rifle, Paladin with his gun on her brother. Paladin and Boris slowly back away, pausing to leave Paladin's card on a tree.)

      Carl: (Grabbing the rifle.) Whyncha shoot?
      Abby: He woulda killed Ralph! (Carl backhands her.)
      Carl: Next time you do what you're told.
      Ralph: Well, Carl, there's no call-- (Carl brushes past him and walks away.) He didn't really mean it, Abby. He just, well, he kind of lost his temper. Anyway, you shouldn't have done it, you shoulda called that fellow's bluff.
      Abby: Your life. That's what Carl was gamblin' with! (Carl checks out Paladin's card.)
      Carl: Ralph!
      Ralph: Comin'.
      Abby: That's right, go on. Jump!
      Ralph: Whattya wanta start trouble now for? Just when things are startin' to break right?
      Abby: Startin' to break right? This what you call breakin' right? Lickin' his boots, eatin' dirt?
      Ralph: We've been eatin' dirt all our lives. A little more won't make no difference. Not now. Don't you see, all we have to do is get rid of that Russkie! Then we'd have the whole valley for ourselves, we'll be rich!
      Abby: You don't get anything fer nothin'. It costs to be rich. What are you gonna pay, Ralph? Me?

    • Paladin: Now, Boris, don't look at me like that. You're very lucky I was here to wrap those ribs; at least two of them are broken, you know.
      Boris: It isn't that. Your hands are cold.

    • (Abby had come to Boris' camp to discuss the situation.)
      Abby: Thank you for the hospitality, Mr. Tosheff. (To Paladin) If there is a fight, and anything to my brother... I'll kill you. (Walks away.)
      Boris: A very admirable young woman. It would be a pity to bring more tragedy into her life.
      Paladin: I'll try to remember that when the boys start shooting.

    • (The two dog sleds return, side by side. Abby and Wade walk to meet them, accompanied by the sore-footed sled dog.)
      Wade: When he came back, we took care of him.
      Paladin: Ah, good, thanks. Ah, Carl couldn't play it straight. He had to try and make it a sure thing; he lost.
      Wade: Grimes is dead?
      Paladin: That's right, he's dead. (To Abby) Might have been me if your brother hadn't warned me.
      Ralph: You know, I might have won an honest race.
      Boris: You might very easily.
      Paladin:Then again, you might not of.
      Wade: You and you came in together. Now, who in tarnation won, anyway?
      Ralph: Well, it's not me, that's for sure.
      Boris: No, no. My offer to you still stands. We share the valley equally, and you to live here and provide my company with furs.
      Ralph: Are you serious?
      Abby: I hope so.
      Boris: Completely serious, I assure you. (To Abby) And, uh, as partners, it would necessitate your frequent trips to San Francisco.
      Abby: Oh, I wouldn't mind!
      Paladin: Well, I'm very happy for everybody. Mr. Wade, have you ever played chess by mail?

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