Have Gun - Will Travel

Season 5 Episode 27


Aired Saturday 9:30 PM Mar 17, 1962 on CBS



  • Trivia

    • Gene Roddenberry made an interesting choice for the name of Alice's daughter. The Hindu Maya, was the goddess of illusion, and Maya Ferguson is full of illusion, first believing that her mother was a perfect paragon, then going to the opposite extreme and thinking her completely wicked.

  • Quotes

    • (Paladin bumps into a young woman, who drops his own business card on his sleeve. Moments later, a feminine bystander greets him by name, causing the young woman to stare.)
      Paladin: Oh, I can see from that look on your face that you're looking for, what you think is a real gunman. Leather britches and fringed shirt and two guns down somewhere around his knees? Paladin. Uncouthly and savagely at your service.

    • Paladin: You've been to Codeyville?
      Maya: Yes, she wasn't there. No one in Codeyville even knew her name.
      Paladin: Well, I'll ask the desk to arrange for our transportation.
      Maya: Mr. Paladin?
      Paladin: Yes, ma'am.
      Maya: You will agree to remember at all times, please, that I'm a lady.
      Paladin: Well, your mother knew something that apparently they are not teaching young ladies in the schools in the East these days. The quickest way to bring out the worst in a man is to make certain that it's there.

    • Paladin: Well, Codeyville has changed. Last time I was here, town was half tents, cattle in the streets, miners, trail hands crowding the saloons, stabbings and shootings.
      Briggs: Well, we, uh, growed out of that. We got law and order now. And a rule. No guns worn in the street. (Paladin glances down at his holster.) Mean it, just a word to the wise, you know.
      Paladin: Well, that's a very good rule. If your sheriff can enforce it.
      Briggs: Oh, ain't just him. Whole town.

    • Paladin: Was the burial service conducted by the local minister?
      Morgan: Is there any reason why you can't take my word?
      Paladin: One. You're a liar.

    • Reverend: If he asks me, Eli, I, I'll have to tell him the truth.
      Morgan: Alice's daughter, this Paladin. You give them that, and they'll have the power to ruin nearly every man who sat in your congregation this morning. They fought to build a good town, Reverend. They brought in good women, and they're raising families. And they'll kill to keep all that.

    • Paladin: Reverend Biggley? My name is Paladin.
      Reverend: Yes, I know.
      Paladin: Oh? In that case, I won't take up too much of your time. I'd like the answer to a very simple question.
      Reverend: I'm afraid we'll have to reach one agreement first, Mr. Paladin. Codeyville is now a town without guns. I'm afraid you'll have to leave yours with me as long as you're visiting here.
      Paladin: Well, I had heard about the rule. But I had also presumed that the sheriff would, uh, collect the guns. You're a very unusual man, Reverend. (Removes his gun belt, including the derringer.) Now, I'll reserve the right to reclaim these should I find that any of your lambs have claws.
      Reverend: And now? The woman called Blue-Dollar Alice. What is your interest in her?
      Paladin: She was a friend.
      Reverend: That doesn't tell me much.
      Paladin: Well, Reverend, I think if you'll look in your Bible, you'll find that it says a good deal on the subject.
      Reverend: I doubt if I need instruction on love and friendship, Mr. Paladin. Especially from a man who lives by the gun. Or claims friendship with that kind of woman.
      Paladin: Reverend, the man whose teachings you profess to follow was not above forgiving that kind of woman. Calling her His sister.

    • Paladin: Now, your mother owned this entire block. And her pride and joy, was this wheel in this saloon. The Blue Dollar. The only honest wheel in this entire territory. She was honest, Maya. Above everything else, she was honest with herself and with everybody she dealt with.
      Maya: I know what she was, Paladin, you can talk for days without changing that!
      Paladin: Now, you listen to me. What is evil in a place with white picket fences and starched curtains, can be something entirely different in a place where there is nothing but mud, and men, and aching backs and loneliness. Come here. I want to show you something. Come on! (Shows Maya her mother's portrait.) Now I want to tell you what it is you've got to be ashamed of. Your mother came here at a time when there was no other women within five hundred miles.
      Maya: And opened a saloon.
      Paladin: That's right, a saloon. Where a man could have a drink and play cards.
      Maya: And meet over painted women?
      Paladin: Well, Maya, I don't think you would have been strong enough to face the wolves and the sweat, and the death. Your mother loved those dirty, ugly men. Loved them, cared for them. Mended their rips, let them cry in her arms when their friends were killed, and then she made them laugh again.
      Maya: Oh, she dispensed laughter. Yes, that does sound a little better, doesn't it?
      Paladin: Compassion was her product. Does that education she bought you include that word, "compassion"?
      Maya: She was a woman who did wrong.
      Paladin: Perhaps, by your standards. And it may even be that those are the right standards for today. But she never did evil.

    • (Paladin, facing three men, one armed with a sharp stick and another with a broken bottle, suddenly finds his gunbelt tossed into his hands.)
      Paladin: Reverend, once again I thank you.
      Reverend: When our lambs grow claws, Mr. Paladin, then a wolf has need of his teeth.

    • (Alice pulls a concealed manuscript out of a hollow railing.)
      Alice: This is all they wanted. They knew I'd written a book, my memoirs, you might say. When I wouldn't tear it up, they feared the worst.
      Kincaid: And it is, all in there, isn't it?
      Alice: Yes, Mr. Kincaid.
      Briggs: You see, we can't let her out with it!
      Alice: Briggs, what are you ashamed of? I remember a night when you were as brave as wildcats, and had a whole alley full of maimed and injured to show it. Just because they knew your wife was no schoolteacher. Oh, you were a terror!
      Paladin: That one?
      Alice: Every man is half hero, half scared little boy.
      Paladin: Hmmph.
      Alice: A woman who wants to be a real woman always forgets the second part.

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • Paladin: Reverend, wasn't it Macaulay who said there is a universal solvent that dissolves all riddles? Its name is Truth.
      Paladin is referring to Thomas Babington, Lord Macaulay, 1800-1859.

    • Paladin: "Now I find true that better is by evil still made better, and ruined love when it is built anew grows fairer than at first. More strong, far greater. So I return rebuked, to my content, and gain by ill thrice more than I have spent."

      Shakespeare, Sonnet 119