Have Gun - Will Travel

Season 5 Episode 35


Aired Saturday 9:30 PM May 12, 1962 on CBS



  • Trivia

    • Although the girl is listed as "Sandy" in the credits, her name is never mentioned in the course of the episode.

    • After the girl springs off Paladin's horse, tumbles down the hill, and gets re-captured, they both hear a horse whinnying nearby. Paladin hastily goes back up to his own horse, and the girl follows, first tearing up her scarf, which she uses to mark their trail. We see three bounty hunters tracking them, but moments later, when they find the first of her scarf scraps, there are only two of them.

  • Quotes

    • Hey Boy: (Looking at the crowd of men in the lobby) Hunting lady bandit will be sure number one diversion for those sporting enthusiasts.
      Paladin: Hey Boy, if this girl is captured, it will not be by sports and dilettantes. It will be by professional bounty hunters.
      Hey Boy: Did you hear she killed a driver?
      Paladin: Says that here. "Reward increased to five thousand dollars. The daring girl has been involved in at least three robberies in as many weeks, held up the Elko stage yesterday. Shot and killed the driver and made off with a payroll worth over fifty thousand dollars.
      Hey Boy: Very unladylike behavior.
      Paladin: More like an animal, I'd say. How does a woman become so brutalized?
      Hey Boy: There's only one way to find out.
      Paladin: Hey Boy, pack the gear. I have a number of appointments to break.

    • Sandy: How come you don't shoot me?
      Paladin: For one thing, the stage company wants its money back, and for another, there's more of a reward for you alive than dead. Now put those things on.
      Sandy: That didn't stop that headhunter who shot my horse out from under me. He was so all eager afired to kill me, he didn't sit long enough to draw a bead.
      Paladin: Well, he was probably worried about your reputation and didn't want to take a chance.
      Sandy: And you ain't worried?
      Paladin: Let's say I'd rather go for broke.

    • Paladin: Morning. I trust you slept well. (Unchains her from the bunk) Horse is all saddled up. Suppose you fix us some breakfast.
      Sandy: Get it yourself, I'm not your dog-robber. What makes men think that women were born to wait on 'em?
      Paladin: Probably the same thing that makes a woman think she can get away with anything. Just because she's a woman. I'd have killed a man who tried what you did last night. How'd you kill that stage driver?
      Sandy: I guess he figured I'd faint or somethin' before I pulled the trigger.
      Paladin: Many men make that mistake?
      Sandy: Nope. First time. I reckon you killed a time or two.

    • Paladin: (Following a rough-and-tumble) You witch! I oughta break your face!
      Sandy: Why don't you?

    • Sandy: You're gonna be a big hero, bringin' me in alive and all. What are you gonna do with all that reward money, huh? Marry one of those fine San Francisco ladies?
      Paladin: Well, you can be sure that I'll give the matter my strictest attention.
      Sandy: That's what your kind go for, ain't it?
      Paladin: My kind?
      Sandy: A woman who'll bat her eyelids at ya, and make you feel big and strong.
      Paladin: Certainly, a man likes to have a woman who'll help him have a good opinion of himself.
      Sandy: I ain't met the man yet who needs help with that.

    • Paladin: Well, now you don't think much of men, do ya?
      Sandy: They ain't never give me no reason to. When I was a kid, all I ever got from my brothers was whippins. Then, when I got my growth... well, one day I decided I'd had my belly full of being a woman!
      Paladin: Well, that's not an easy decision to do a whole lot about.
      Sandy: Well, who told you that? It's just as easy as strappin' on a gun. You give a woman a gun, and she's the equal of any man. No, you couldn't get me to stand still for that eyelid-battin' life. All that paint gummin' ya up, and those whalebones sticking you in the wrong places? No, that ain't for me.

    • Sandy: You're real tough, ain't ya? I'd like to see how much man you are without a woman to push around!
      Paladin: Woman? You? You're not a woman, you're a freak!
      Sandy: I've been called names before. Why, I've been cussed up and down by the best of them.
      Paladin: All right. All right, there is cruelty in men. But there are other things. There is kindness. Tenderness. And there's... respect. Did it ever occur to you, a man might treat you like a woman if you'd act like one?

    • Sandy: (Stopping by Paladin as the deputies lead her out) What if--if I say that--that I love you?
      Paladin: I might believe it. And, some night, when my back made a convenient target, you might forget it. (Sandy bursts into tears and walks away)
      Sheriff: Ain't that just like a woman?
      Paladin: Yeah. Just like a woman.

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