Have Gun - Will Travel

Season 4 Episode 32

Broken Image

Aired Saturday 9:30 PM Apr 29, 1961 on CBS
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Broken Image
The man who once single-handedly dealt with an outlaw gang is now strangely reluctant to go after a similar gang hiding outside of his town. The man's wife hires Paladin, who discovers that the "hero" is carrying a heavy burden.

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    June Vincent

    June Vincent

    Mrs. Decker

    Guest Star

    Johnny Eimen

    Johnny Eimen

    Larry Decker

    Guest Star

    Hal Needham

    Hal Needham


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    Lisa Lu

    Lisa Lu

    Hey Girl

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    • TRIVIA (1)

      • In the telegram Paladin receives from Mrs. Decker, it is stated that Decker dealt with the Stoner gang eight years previously. For the remainder of the episode, the time period is eleven years.

    • QUOTES (6)

      • Paladin: Jean de la Fontaine has said that man is so made that when anything touches his soul, impossibilities disappear.

      • Larry: Well, he got the Stoners. And everybody says he's the only man that can get the Bradleys.
        Mrs. Decker: Hush, child, please.
        Paladin: The town wants to hear its hero sound the trumpet again, is that it?
        Decker: Well, that's the way it's been. That's the way it's been for eleven years.
        Mrs. Decker: Everyone pressures him. Even his son.
        Paladin: Voltaire once said, "It is a heavy burden to bear a name that is too famous".

      • (Paladin knocks Decker down as he is about to put a large bundle of tinder on the fire)
        Paladin: You trying to warn them? That it, Decker? You don't want to find the Bradleys? That why you lost the trail, that why you're trying to light up the sky?
        Decker: Paladin. Paladin, I want the Bradleys. Whatever else you believe, believe that.
        Paladin: If I believe that, then I have to look someplace else for the reason you're doing everything wrong, don't I?

      • Paladin: Oh, I see. You ride into town with the bodies draped over horses and let people assume whatever they want to, hmmm? Well, you ought to just about be over your ears in glory this time. I can see those blazoning headlines now: "Heroic Tim Decker Bags Three More Outlaws". Be a proud moment for your wife and your son, too.
        Decker: I know what you're thinking. Maybe, deep down, I think the same. But, I do what I gotta do.
        Paladin: What you gotta do? Decker, what kind of a man has gotta do what you're doing?
        Decker: A man like me, Paladin, who has nothing, and was nothing! I--I, I don't want to steal your glory, but I have to.
        Paladin: My glory? Well, you just take it. I got nothing to prove.

      • Paladin: I started out feeling sorry for you, Decker. You were an ordinary man who stumbled into a moment of time and place that brought you fame and respect. So you lived your little lie and played hero, while the sword of Damocles hung over your head. Exposure and disgrace waited in the shadows. And the worst thing of all, the woman you loved, she loved a fake. Your son? Your son said "father" to a ghost, and you were pitable. But now, Decker? Now?
        Decker: Oh, God help me. I was gonna kill him. Oh...
        Paladin: (Examining the man in the travois) Well, Decker, your problems are over. He's dead. Now let's get the body over a horse, and then I'll ride back into town with you and watch the "hero's" welcome.

      • Decker: Larry. I want you to listen to me. I didn't kill those men. He did. And I didn't catch the Stoners, either. Hear what I'm saying? None of the things you thought about me all of your life were true. Except I'm your father. And I love you.
        Paladin: Thank you, Decker.
        Decker: Thank me?
        Paladin: A man like me tends to forget how many ways there are to show courage. I have no idea how I'd stand up to a ten-year-old boy. Thank you.

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