Have Gun - Will Travel

Season 3 Episode 13

Charley Red Dog

Aired Saturday 9:30 PM Dec 12, 1959 on CBS



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    • Charley: I know "Marshal Charley Red Dog" may sound like a foolish name to some whites, but senor, I have promised that it will stand for justice and honesty and fairness, as it is written in the thick law books. Or I will die in this attempt.
      Paladin: You wear that badge into Santa Maria, you probably will.

    • Staffer: Oh, Paladin, we'll just end up with one dead Indian kid.
      Paladin: He's going to try whether we like it or not.
      Staffer: Are you saying you couldn't stop him?
      Paladin: Staffer, if I were Charley Red Dog, if I were an Indian boy and this was my one chance to stand as tall as any man, I'd rather die than be stopped.

    • Staffer: Seems to me you ought to split that thousand with the marshal.
      Lem: That ought to be fair, Mr. Paladin.
      Cornish: Yeah, he did all the work.
      Paladin: Well, I think we came out just about even. Marshal has your gratitude and I have your money.

    • Paladin: Morning.
      Miss Shannon: Is there something I can do for you?
      Paladin: Well, as a matter of fact--
      Miss Shannon: At your service. I'm in Suite 24. (Paladin bursts out laughing. She joins him, then walks away)
      Paladin: You know, I love San Francisco.
      Clerk (sternly): Miss Shannon is the new hotel stenographer.
      Paladin: Well, of course, even this city has its disappointments. However....(sprints up the stairs after her)

    • Miss Shannon: What made you change your mind, Mr. Paladin?
      Paladin: About what, Miss Shannon?
      Miss Shannon: Me.
      Paladin: Oh, Miss Shannon, some friendships are like good wine; a wise man lets them age before sampling.
      Miss Shannon: I've seen a few of your "friendships". Passing through the lobby. You'll find any relationship of ours slightly cooler.
      Paladin: Perhaps. But then, some good wines are much better slightly chilled.

    • (Charley tears up his "diploma")
      Paladin: How long have you known about that?
      Charley: Oh, perhaps always. But it gave me a direction. A simple Indian boy needs direction, Mr. Paladin. Almost as much as he needs respect.
      Paladin: Respect is important to all men. Some will even risk death for it.
      Charley: And... some just give it to others. I thank you for that.

    • Paladin: Respect can be as contagious as measles if it's properly spread around. And I'll be standing very close to him.

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