Have Gun - Will Travel

Season 5 Episode 31

Coming of the Tiger

Aired Saturday 9:30 PM Apr 14, 1962 on CBS
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Coming of the Tiger

Paladin's friend, Takara, who is a leader of San Francisco's Japanese community, is worried about two insurgents, a priest and a Samurai, who are coming from Japan to cause unrest among the Japanese-Americans. Paladin heads for the Mexican border to capture the pair, accompanied by Takara's son.


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      • (Paladin has made a telling move on the board game.)
        Takara: Defeat. I shall comfort myself with the conceit that the game of Go should have remained exclusively Japanese. The Western mind is far too devious for our simple talents.
        Paladin: (Chuckles) Well, the East yielded chess to us; perhaps you should go back to Japan, and tell them to send us teachers of Go.
        Takara: I shall never return to Japan. The teachers they send us will not be of Go.
        Paladin: I have heard of the new leadership in Japan.
        Takara: The sleeping tiger of war, is never far from us. It waits only to be awakened.

      • Osata: (Looking at Minoru) He will grow to be a strong man, like his father. Now that he has learned.
        Paladin: Learned?
        Osata: Yes. You see, when he first came, he had much pride. He did not understand.
        Paladin: Can a man walk without pride?
        Osata: This, uh, not your lovely city of San Francisco, Mr. Paladin. This Quinta County. Is different here. We must move slowly. Softly. And wait. Always wait.

      • (The samurai has dashed outside and scattered the horses into the desert.)
        Priest: You may shoot him. His life has no meaning but to die for a cause.
        Paladin: And you?
        Priest: I am nothing. Death is nothing.
        Paladin: Oh? Well, I hope you remember that when the temperature hits a hundred and twenty.
        Priest: We will not die. You will die. We shall survive.

      • Priest: (To Paladin) You, I understand. The master is always happy in his own house. (To Minoru) But you, I do not.
        Minoru: Yeah? Well, that makes two of us, 'cuz I don't understand you either.
        Priest: You are a slave that pretends to walk like a man.
        Minoru: I use to have a number of good answers for that. I guess I must have forgotten.
        Paladin: Minoru, when a change comes, sometimes it comes slowly. But it will come.
        Priest: How long to come? Twenty years, to be--as you say--equal?
        Paladin: Twenty years? Perhaps. Maybe more. Possibly less.
        Priest: I see. That is to be equal. Twenty years more, is it possible then, he could be--superior?
        Paladin: His opportunity will be equal. What he does with it, is up to him.

      • Priest: We have much further?
        Paladin: Less than a mile. And, don't count on me getting any weaker.
        Priest: I see. The wise hawk conceals his claws.
        Paladin: And the wise man, his wisdom.

      • (Minoru suddenly turns on Paladin, demanding his gun.)
        Paladin: It's less than a mile to Osata's.
        Minoru: A nice Japanese boy for a nice Japanese girl. Don't bother, Paladin.
        Paladin: And your father? (Tosses over his gun.)
        Minoru: He made his choice. Now I'm making mine. I listened to every word he said. Speak soft, speak low, and wait. For what? For a life in the shadows, hoping for one day to be equal? Equal! Just for a moment, think, Paladin. Think about the possibility that I might be better than you!
        Paladin: (Sighing.) I'm thinking, Minoru. And I believe it. I think under the proper circumstance you might be just about equal to those two back in the store. You might be just as superior. Just as bigoted. Just as frightened.

      • (Paladin has defeated the samurai warrior.)
        Minoru: I've been very foolish.
        Paladin: Yeah. Someday the idea of equality will be a fact. Till then, we're all a little bit foolish.
        Priest: When I return to Japan, I will speak of the man named Paladin.

      • (Takara makes a move on the Go board.)
        Takara: And so, the tiger returns to its lair.
        Paladin: For now.
        Takara: Then, like I, you think it will not pass--there will be more?
        Paladin: Much more.
        Takara: Are you afraid for your country?
        Paladin: Our country? No.
        Takara: As long as there is a painting to contemplate, a book to study, or--even a game to finish.

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