Have Gun - Will Travel

Season 5 Episode 32

Darwin's Man

Aired Saturday 9:30 PM Apr 21, 1962 on CBS
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Darwin's Man
The appeal to Paladin is brief and to the point: "My father and brother are trying to kill me. Can you help me?" Tully Coombs' father, Avery, a wealthy cattleman, is a firm proponent of Darwin's theory of survival of the fittest. He is encouraging his sons to fight to the death over a piece of his property--a mere 160 acres of land.moreless

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    Buzz Martin

    Buzz Martin

    Tully Coombs

    Guest Star

    Bud Osborne

    Bud Osborne


    Guest Star

    Robert Dornan

    Robert Dornan


    Guest Star

    Kam Tong

    Kam Tong

    Hey Boy

    Recurring Role

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      • (An elegantly dressed young man comes down the stairs at the Carlton.)
        Dandy: Boy! (Hey Boy walks up to him) Where may I find Mr. Paladin?
        Hey Boy: Mr. Paladin is very elusive creature. (The young man starts to step down into the lobby; Hey Boy blocks him "accidently".)
        Dandy: I will search his room once more. (Hey Boy walks over to a newspaper being held up high.)
        Hey Boy: Mr. Paladin enjoy himself last evening?
        Paladin: Very much, thank you, Hey Boy. I just suppose it would have been prudent of me to inquire whether or not Theresa had gotten herself married in the two weeks since last I saw her.
        Hey Boy: There must be Chinese proverb for new husband.
        Paladin: I'm sure there is. Now, Hey Boy, I have a number of choices. I can let the man shoot me--
        Hey Boy: Honorable thing to do. (Paladin gives him a long look.)
        Paladin: Or I could shoot him. (Hey Boy shakes his head.) Or I could take his gun away from him; that would humiliate him further, and only postpone the inevitable, no. I need an honorable, a legitimate excuse for leaving town for a few days. (Hey Boy hands him an envelope.) "Paladin, my father and brother are trying to kill me, can you help me? Signed, Tully Coombs. Tully Coombs. Must be Avery Coombs' son. Thank you, Hey Boy. Will you have my gear delivered to the livery stable; I'll leave from there. And tell Theresa I expect her to have this entire matter straightened out when I return.

      • Hostler: Ol' Avery know you're lookin' fer him?
        Paladin: No, why?
        Hostler: Wouldn't blow my nose around here without I clear it with Ol' Avery. Not if I were you.

      • Paladin: Now, Mr. Coombs, my advice to you...(walks over to window, where there is a distinct shadow)...is to tell this gentleman outside the window to take that gun off me, and save yourself an extreme unpleasantness.
        Avery: He won't shoot unless I tell him to.
        Paladin: (Tossing up his hands) All right.
        Avery: You always trust a stranger?
        Paladin: Stranger? Avery Coombs, the Living Legend? As much to the Northern cattlemen as Whaley, Middleton and King were to Southern herders? No. Mr. Coombs, I'll trust you not to have me shot in the back.
        Avery: Did that legend tell ya I've had men shot in the back?
        Paladin: Yes. But for better cause than this, I hope.

      • (Coombs tells Paladin to explain his "legend" to his son.)
        Paladin: You and your partner Reed opened up the high country. Proved that men and cattle could live through the snow and come out with a profit. Your father and Reed fell out. Your father killed Reed. Now, if you're gonna make a point, make it.
        Avery: Boy, brother or no brother, when a man threatens what's yours--you either gotta kill him, or convert him. Only cowards convert.
        Paladin: Well, he obviously wants you to settle down to business. Avery, I do not understand you at all. One hundred and sixty acres.
        Avery: What do you mean?
        Paladin: Your sons are not pushing this fight, you are.
        Avery: So?
        Paladin: Why can't your sons share their birthright? Especially since one of them is asking so little.
        Avery: Tully wants me to give him one hundred and sixty acres of what I built. What if I give it to him. What if he has two kids, and they want some? And Jayce has two kids, and they want some? What does that leave of what I built? Where does that leave me?
        Paladin: A lesser man in my eyes, for one thing. You're a man who's trying to achieve immortality on a piece of land.

      • Tully: No. I won't kill him, not for the whole Cee Double-O.
        Paladin: Tully, I believe that. Or I wouldn't suggest a fight.
        Tully: But if Jayce says he's gonna kill me, you can take him at his word.
        Paladin: Hmmph. Has he ever killed a man before?
        Tully: No. But, uh, I've never been killed before, either.
        Paladin: (Laughs) Well, I'm gonna try very hard to see that neither of you spoils that record.

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