Have Gun - Will Travel

Season 2 Episode 5

Duel at Florence

Aired Saturday 9:30 PM Oct 11, 1958 on CBS
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Duel at Florence
Paladin receives a letter with a bank draft for $82.17 from Ernie Teller asking for help with a matrimonial problem.

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    Dean Harens

    Dean Harens

    Ernie Teller

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    Bonnie Bolding

    Bonnie Bolding

    Belle Hooper

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    Hank Patterson

    Hank Patterson


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    Kam Tong

    Kam Tong

    Hey Boy

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    • TRIVIA (3)

      • (Nitpick) Paladin appears to travel quite a distance in this episode, although, for a change, he remains in California. In a rapid sequence of three different shots, he is seen riding a horse with a bit of white on its left forefoot, then a horse with two rear white feet, then finally a horse with both forefeet white, extending well up the legs.

      • Ernie Teller had gotten Paladin's card from a client--a young woman with red-gold hair, possibly an actress, who had dropped the card out of her bag--and then stamped on it. This may be referring back to "The Five Books of Owen Deaver". In that episode, Paladin instructs Hey Boy to send his regrets to a red-haired member of an opera company, even though the company is leaving San Francisco and he might never see her again.

      • Paladin describes the rules for an official "Montana Duel": two men on each side, one rifle each, with just two bullets in each rifle.

    • QUOTES (8)

      • (Paladin is distracted from a young lady by Hey Boy's giggles)
        Hey Boy: Wire for you, Mr. Paladin.
        Paladin: Hey Boy, I didn't know you read the hotel guest mail.
        Hey Boy: Oh, not always. Only sometimes. When envelope is open. Your mail easily the best in the whole hotel.

      • Ernie: You, uh, come a distance?
        Paladin: That's right. People in this town like gunfighting in the street?
        Ernie: Oh, no. No, those two been growling at each other for a week, they started shooting this morning. Fixed themselves up some cover quick, as you can see, and then settled down to see who makes the first mistake.
        Paladin: Why doesn't somebody try to stop it?
        Ernie: That's Jeff Sunderland and Max Clay out there, mister. They're ugly men. They don't want it stopped.
        Paladin: That so? What's their quarrel?
        Ernie: Belle Hooper. They wanna marry her.
        Paladin: Well, I guess Charles Darwin would approve.
        Ernie: He wanna marry Belle, too?

      • Paladin: A fight over a woman usually starts with the woman.

      • Paladin: Seems to me if this Belle of yours were the right sort of girl, she'd marry you now and help you while you studied medicine.
        Ernie: Well, she would if I--(Gunshots are heard outside)
        Paladin: She wants something you won't give her? Like a gunfight?
        Ernie: I just can't shoot anyone, Mr. Paladin. I've seen a lot of bullet holes. Little and angry goin' in, and real big and ripped coming out. I hear a shot, and I see a hole through someone.
        Paladin: Well, Ernie, that's very touching. Of course, you wouldn't mind if I made a few of those holes for you?
        Ernie: Well, I don't really want that neither. Somebody's gotta do something to stop those two. Belle thinks I'm just scared of getting my head blown in.
        Paladin: Well, you don't need a head if you're not going to use it.

      • Ernie: Just don't seem fair, though, that surviving has to mean killing somebody else. And I just ain't gonna try it.
        Paladin: Well, Ernie, your reasoning is fair enough. But when a man comes after you with a gun, reason becomes merely words. Survival means action.

      • Paladin: Yours?
        Plainsman: That's my rifle.
        Paladin: Mind if I borrow it? I'll pay for the bullets and the drinks later.
        Plainsman: Well, I've seen Jeff and Max use their rifles. Could you buy me the drink before the fight?
        Paladin: All right, let's do it that way. I haven't time to change my will to include a liquor bequest. Whaddya allow for the sight?
        Plainsman: 'Bout four inches to the right every hundred yards.
        Paladin: Mmm hmmm. (Cocks rifle)
        Plainsman: Hey, Charlie, get out of the way, you wanna get shot? (Man ducks out of the way; Paladin fires)
        Paladin: Well, it also drops about two inches. (Fires again, setting a wheel spinning) Mmm hmmm. All right, I'll buy you that drink now.
        Plainsman: Well, there's no real hurry.
        Paladin: (Chuckles) Come on.

      • Paladin: Now that's a very apt toast...To the discomfort of our enemies.

      • Belle: Oh, Ernie.
        Ernie: Belle.
        Belle: Ernie, you didn't even fire that old rifle. Makes no difference if you didn't hit anything, you could of at least fired it! (Ernie jacks the empty gun) Oh, Ernie. You didn't even load it! (Crowd bursts into laughter)
        Paladin: You think that's funny? How many of you would have come out from behind the barricade without any ammunition in that rifle? (To Belle) If I were you, I'd concentrate on being a good enough wife for Ernie. Unless you don't recognize quite a man when you see one.

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