Have Gun - Will Travel

Season 4 Episode 27


Aired Saturday 9:30 PM Mar 25, 1961 on CBS



  • Quotes

    • Danceman: Uh, I suppose you noticed, we wear no guns in this town.
      Paladin: Yes, I have. It's a very laudable idea.
      Danceman: Well, I'm glad you agree.
      Paladin: But, since I'm just passing through, I think I'll, uh, keep this one.
      Danceman: Suit yourself, Mister....
      Paladin: My name is Paladin. (Hands over his card)
      Danceman: Mine's Danceman.
      Paladin: I've heard of you.
      Danceman: I'm not surprised. I'm going to kill you, gunfighter. Always ready to go for the gun, aren't ya? Sign of the breed. How many men have you killed, Paladin?
      Paladin: More than I would have wished.
      Danceman: No trick to finding a reason to kill if that's all you want is to kill.
      Paladin: What's your reason, Danceman?
      Danceman: You're a gunfighter. I laid claim to the first one set foot in this town.
      Paladin: I'm happy to know it's nothing personal. You'll let me know when you're ready?
      Danceman: I'll see you in the morning. If you don't leave, that is. Ah, you won't leave. You've got gunfighter's pride, that makes you stay. It's kind of a curse, ain't it? Once you're called out, there ain't nothing you can do except kill or be killed.
      Paladin: Now, who told you that? I'd be foolish indeed to walk into a fight that I could walk around.
      Danceman: I don't believe that. You ain't no different.
      Paladin: There's only one thing I would like you to believe. I make a very reluctant victim.
      Danceman: Well, it's going to take more than reluctance to save you this time, gunfighter. And, don't look for help from anybody else. They know I've got my claim staked out, and you're as good as dead. See you in the morning.