Have Gun - Will Travel

Season 4 Episode 23

Fatal Flaw

Aired Saturday 9:30 PM Feb 25, 1961 on CBS



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    • Ashburne: (Looking around the cabin) Sodbusters. They've a stench all their own. You may not believe this, but my entire career, I've never kicked a dog but what it netted me at least a thousand dollars. Look at what honest labor got.

    • Paladin: That stable's empty. Not even the memory of a horse.
      Ashburne: Well, that takes the aces out of your deck, doesn't it?

    • McKendrick: There's still Huggins.
      Ashburne: That paperback deputy? You'll never see him again. Well, not sayin' he's yellow. But he sure has cultivated a well-developed bump of caution.

    • Ashburne: (about McKendrick) More guts than you could string on a fence. And what's it got him?
      Paladin: Marshall's done all right.
      Ashburne: Providing success is measured by the of a hole a man leaves when he dies. But we use a different yardstick, don't we?
      Paladin: We do?

    • Paladin: Curley. You had a real fat lead on us. You coulda made it to the ridge easy before we closed the gap, but you didn't do that. You turned back and ran smack into us; now why?
      Ashburne: I, I suddenly remembered I'd, uh, forgotten to pack a toothbrush.

    • Ashburne: You must have a price, Paladin. Every man has. Only Satan's incorruptible.
      Paladin: You really believe that?
      Ashburne: Oh, virtue's a matter of degree. Or convenience. Everyone pays his dues in some form. Everybody but Satan.
      Paladin: Y'know, the way you keep mentioning that name, I think I detect a note of hero worship?
      Ashburne: Oh, why not? If you're going to model yourself after somebody, I'd say pick a winner. Oh, I learned a lesson when I was knee high. Evil walks alone. It's self-sufficient.

    • Paladin: Take a look at this face. Look at it. That's thirty years of frontier law enforcement and he never touched a dime of tainted money or lost a prisoner.
      Ashburne: Well, I take that as a challenge. You claim that rooster can't be had? Well, watch. Before there's a crust on that snow outside, I'll have him in my hip pocket.

    • Ashburne: Somebody scribbles his name in Washington, and thirty years of doglike service is broken up for kindling. You say virtue is its own reward? Oh, right, brother. Its only reward.
      McKendrick: Earl Huggins. The greasy little grafter. He left us here. They'd trade me in on a man like that.
      Ashburne: The world prefers a Huggins, McKendrick. When you get right down to it, it's not the villains they're afraid of. It's the saints.

    • Paladin: Even the Devil must pay his dues.
      Ashburne: I wish you hadn't of, of said that. Just when I was looking forward to meeting him.

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