Have Gun - Will Travel

Season 3 Episode 1

First, Catch a Tiger

Aired Saturday 9:30 PM Sep 12, 1959 on CBS



  • Trivia

    • Apparently San Francisco has been doing some renovating. The buildings across from the Hotel Carleton have been torn down and rebuilt with flat roofs, allowing a better view of the ocean. The hotel itself has changed its sign.

  • Quotes

    • Paladin: Playing chess alone is dull stuff, Hey Boy. I always know what I'm going to do next.

    • Hey Boy: Oh. Trouble brewing.
      Paladin: Hey Boy, it's boiled over. A murderer who uses the name Fred Horn has killed two men men and he's hunting for a third. Me.
      Hey Boy: Oh?
      Paladin: He only kills his victims when they're alone, asleep, or with their backs turned.
      Hey Boy: Will you shoot this Fred Horn?
      Paladin: Hey Boy, there's an old recipe for tiger stew, do you know it?
      Hey Boy: No.
      Paladin: First, you must catch the tiger.

    • Mary: Why'd you come back? This man Morgain's hired might never have found you.
      Paladin: He might have. Some dark night, alone, in the back with a shotgun. I don't have the stomach for that kind of waiting. And as the great scholar Erasmus said, "Fortune does favor the audacious."

    • Mordain: Next time, gunfighter. Next time.
      Paladin: Where will you find another Fred Horn?

  • Notes

    • Having eliminated Paladin's opening voiceovers midway through the second season, the third season brings them back. After experimenting with different opening shots the second season, they seem to have settled on the full-body silhouette of Paladin, who then turns and draws.

  • Allusions

    • "Fortune does favor the audacious".

      This may be a quotation from the scholar Desiderius Erasmus (1465-1536). However, further back, it is attributed to Virgil (70-19 B.C.) as the line "Fortune favors the brave". Still further back, Terence (Publius Terentius Afer, 190-159 B.C.) wrote it as "Fortune helps the brave". Whomever started it, the line is best known as "Fortune favors the bold."

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