Have Gun - Will Travel

Season 1 Episode 8

High Wire

Aired Saturday 9:30 PM Nov 02, 1957 on CBS

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  • A former high wire artist, Strother Martin, is the object of ridicule in a small town. To regain respect, and earn a bet, he agrees to walk a wire over a deep gorge.

    This is another social commentary play where a rightous man, Paladin, takes the side of the downtrodden, Martin, and in the process helps the whole community have a chance to become a kinder, gentler community. These social commentaries were very popular with actors in the 40's and 50's who felt their art could help the world clean up its act. The plays also enabled them to emote and posture while "leading the audience to question their assumptions" about "others." Martin was excellent in his role, as he was in most roles he played. Unfortunately, the story was not fun to watch until the very last moment.