Have Gun - Will Travel

Season 5 Episode 37


Aired Saturday 9:30 PM May 26, 1962 on CBS



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    • Boy: (wanders into Paladin's suite and finds him painting a picture) That supposed to be a boat, or what?
      Paladin: It is a boat.
      Boy: Don't look much like one.
      Paladin: Well, an artist paints not what he sees, but what he is.
      Boy: You mean you see yourself as a boat?
      Hey Boy: (entering the room as the boy leaves) Colors nice, but, ah--
      Paladin: Yes, Hey Boy?
      Hey Boy: But why don't you paint something everybody knows?
      Paladin: Like what?
      Hey Boy: Like a boat.

    • Barton: Let me tell you something, Paladin. Every fortune hunter in the territory has had a crack at gettin' that gold up out of that lake. Now what makes you think you can do any better?
      Paladin: Mr. Barton, my partner is a genius.
      Barton: Oh? Who's he?
      Paladin: Fellow named Leonardo da Vinci.

    • Barton: All right. I'll give you a crack at it. I'll give you two days.
      Paladin: All right, that's enough. Now, you tell me where the gold is?
      Barton: There's an old man that fishes the north shore of the lake. Name's Jonas Quincy. He'll show you where it is. But, Paladin. Don't turn your back on 'im.
      Paladin: Oh, why?
      Barton: He's as big a lunatic as that friend of yours--da Vinci.

    • Paladin: And man must make the angels laugh.

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