Have Gun - Will Travel

Season 1 Episode 28

Killer's Widow

Aired Saturday 9:30 PM Mar 22, 1958 on CBS
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Killer's Widow

After having killed a bank robber, Paladin is accused of having taken the stolen money. He visits the dead man's widow and tries to make amends.

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    Roy Barcroft

    Roy Barcroft

    John Griffin

    Guest Star

    R.G. Armstrong

    R.G. Armstrong

    Marshal Tom Jaffey

    Guest Star

    Fay Roope

    Fay Roope

    E.J. Randolph

    Guest Star

    Kam Tong

    Kam Tong

    Hey Boy

    Recurring Role

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      • Hey Boy: (as Paladin approaches an attractive woman) Mr. Paladin.
        Paladin: Hey Boy, your timing is abysmal.
        Hey Boy: Thank you, Mr. Paladin, but credit goes to mailman. He just bring special delivery letter for you.

      • Randolph: He hired you to bring Steve Morrow back. You remember him?
        Paladin: You don't forget a man you've killed.
        Randolph: Come now, Paladin. Certainly a man like you don't care if... well, I mean, you are paid for what you do. It can't really mean anything.
        Paladin: I'm not a bounty hunter. I do some jobs that other people can't or won't do. Steve Morrow's case was unfortunately a matter of self-preservation for me.

      • Paladin: Oh, Griffin--the Morrow farm adjoins your property, doesn't it?
        Griffin: Yeah, in the south.
        Paladin: I see it's up for auction. Should be worth a couple of thousand dollars to you.
        Griffin: Couple of thousand? Heh, heh. I'm getting it for a couple of hundred--for the taxes.
        Paladin: Well, somebody'll outbid you at that price.
        Griffin: I don't think there'll be any other bidders. Downright shame, isn't it?
        Paladin: Griffin. Lucy Morrow didn't kill your son.
        Griffin: Her husband did. My only hope is that somehow, he'll know.

      • (Paladin has been forced to shoot an intruder at Lucy's house)
        Paladin: Go back in the house, Mrs. Morrow. I'm sorry this had to happen here.
        Lucy: Did it have to happen at all, Mr. Paladin? Or have guns and killing become your way of life?
        Paladin: No...I hope not.

      • Paladin: Griffin, remember what you said last night about hoping that somehow Morrow would know? Well, so do I. (steps over to Lucy) Mrs. Morrow, I'm afraid this is small compensation for, for a man you loved.
        Lucy: Part of this is yours.
        Paladin: No. (pulls a rose from the vase) I consider this a more than adequate fee.
        Lucy: Mr. Paladin. You are a remarkable man.
        Paladin: No. Just a man who's used a gun perhaps too often.

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