Have Gun - Will Travel

Season 2 Episode 18

Lady on the Stagecoach

Aired Saturday 9:30 PM Jan 17, 1959 on CBS



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    • Mrs. Grayson: Is that woman riding on the same coach with us?
      Stationmaster: Yes, ma'am. And so is this gentleman.
      Paladin: Paladin.
      Stationmaster: Uh, this is Mr. and Mrs. Grayson. (Paladin murmurs an acknowledgement)
      Mrs. Grayson: How do you do?
      Stationmaster: And this is Mr. Barnes. He's a representative of the biggest feed store in St. Louis.
      Mrs. Grayson: Well, can't you arrange to have her stay over until the next coach?
      Stationmaster: Why?
      Paladin: That's a fair question.
      Barnes: Well, you see, it's not that we mind, but, after all, we do have a lady riding with us. (Holds out some cash) I'm, I'm sure you understand.
      Stationmaster: But, Mr. Barnes, you paid for your tickets yesterday!
      Paladin: Are we just about ready to roll?
      Stationmaster: Yeah, right away.
      Paladin: Thank you. Excuse me. (Turns to Della) May I escort you to the coach?
      Della: Thank you.
      Paladin: I like to be of service to a lady, the pleasure is always mine.

    • Paladin: "You have many enemies, who know not why they are so, but like the village curs, bark when their fellows do".
      Della: Henry VIII, isn't it?
      Paladin: That's right.
      Della: "If you have no enemies, it is a sign Fortune has forgotten you".
      Paladin: Well, I see your education in Shakespeare has not been neglected.

    • (The outlaws bring in the strongbox)
      Barnes: See, that's, that's all they wanted. I'm glad I told them where it was, it's bought us all our lives.
      Paladin: It's bought us all a common grave, if this man is Ed Rance.
      Rance: You know me?
      Paladin: I know you--by reputation.

    • Rance: Who's this?
      Paladin: That's Della White Cloud, she's the daughter of an Apache chief. And bad totem for you, Rance.
      Rance: Ma'am? You're just about the prettiest thing I ever did see. Prettiest thing ever. Now, ma'am. You ain't got no cause to be scared of me. None at all.
      Paladin: Rance, did you ever see what happens to a man who touches an Apache girl against her wishes? It takes him a week to die, and him praying for death every minute.
      Barnes: Nonsense, she's just an Indian. Take her, and the gold, let the rest of us go--(Rance punches him)
      Rance: (To Grayson) You sit down. (To Barnes) Ain't you ever learned proper respect for a lady?

    • Barnes: Talk to them! You talk their language!
      Paladin: You talk to them, they understand yours better.

    • (Barnes has stood by doing nothing, ruining Paladin's attempt to get the upper hand)
      Paladin: Well, Barnes, as a man, you leave a little bit to be desired.
      Rance: Keep your mouth shut. Miss Della, I want my answer now.
      Barnes: You have no choice, we'll all be killed! Now, listen to me. I was wrong. I know that now. We're all equal in the eyes of God.
      Grayson: Yes, yes, go with him. It'll only be for a little while--he said so! You can't let us all die!
      Mrs. Grayson: I, I know what a sacrifice it is, my dear. I do know, but you have no choice!

    • Rance: I could have killed everybody here. But because of you, I didn't. Because I saw something in you.
      Della: He's right, he could have killed us. And he said one thing that I believe. He said he had respect for me. That's more than others had. Give him a chance to run for it. It's the only way I can thank him.
      Paladin: Rance.
      Rance: Thank you, Miss Della. I'll never forget you as long as I live.
      Paladin: There is the small matter of relieving you of the gold.

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