Have Gun - Will Travel

Season 4 Episode 2

Love's Young Dream

Aired Saturday 9:30 PM Sep 17, 1960 on CBS



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    • Paladin: Hey Boy...who are you talking to?
      Hey Boy: Myself. He order black-eyed pea, hominy gritis, and chili!
      Paladin: He must have a copper-lined stomach.
      Hey Boy: You know soon enough. He is in your loom.
      Paladin: He who?
      Hey Boy: He said you expect him. He have your card. I go?
      Paladin: He's in my loom?
      Hey Boy: Yes, your loom.
      Paladin: You go.
      Hey Boy: I go.

    • Paladin: In language you can understand, I'm going to grab you by the tongue, and snap you inside out!
      Monk: Well, there, I thought you was my only friend. I came here in the first place to see my uncle Mort.
      Paladin: Why don't you see him?
      Monk: I tried to, but he died before I could get here. Just like he knowed I was coming.
      Paladin: Wish I'd thought of it myself.

    • Paladin: You smell like a cross between cooked cabbage and a wet Airedale.

    • Paladin: Augusta, will you join us?
      Augusta: By all means, what are you drinking?
      Paladin: (Pulling Monk to his feet by the ear) Dom Perignon, and White Whiskey for my friend.
      (Augusta starts to sit down, then freezes)
      Monk: You'd better set down, Ma'am, you're liable to stick thataway.
      Augusta: I don't believe it.
      Paladin: It's true, this is a miracle of modern science and American plumbing.

    • Augusta: Where did you learn to sing like that?
      Monk: Oh, fiddle, I can't sing, I was just aping a feller I heard sang once in a medicine show.

    • Augusta: Where's Monk?
      Paladin: You know, he won't be really be satisfied until he gets himself, and me, hung.

    • Paladin: Monk! I'm afraid I'm gonna have to handle this.
      Augusta: No!
      Paladin: Augusta, are you gonna handle it?
      Augusta: I can't.
      Monk: Well, then I will!
      Paladin: Monk! Everybody on this earth was created to handle certain specific problems. Now, this is my domain.

    • Augusta: Monk!
      Paladin: Well, Augusta, it looks like you've got what every woman should have, a man you can train from scratch.
      Monk: That's just one step after itch.
      Paladin: Good night, young lovers.

  • Notes

    • According to Lorna Thayer, this episode was considered as a kind of pilot vehicle for herself and Ken Curtis. If so, nothing came of it, but the character of Monk may have led to Ken Curtis ending up on "Gunsmoke" in the character of Festus.

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