Have Gun - Will Travel

Season 6 Episode 11

Marshal of Sweetwater

Aired Saturday 9:30 PM Nov 24, 1962 on CBS



  • Trivia

    • This episode was redone some years later on Gunsmoke, with the episode titled "The Tarnished Badge". The characters' names were changed, with Dillon coming to see an old friend who was a sheriff who had gone bad. All of the basic storyline was unchanged, the plot being "fleshed out" to extend the story to an hour.

  • Quotes

    • Tom Carey: As usual, Mr. Brawley's out of step with everybody.
      Paladin: Not everybody, Tom. Now I don't want you to bother her again.
      Tom Carey: You're asking me, of course.
      Paladin: I'll start with that. I'm asking you not to bother this girl again.
      Tom Carey: And if asking me to turn from what I figure is right costs us about the last drop of friendship we got?
      Paladin: That's a stiff price. But if you force me to it... I'll pay it.

    • Jenkins: But it all happened so gradual...
      Paladin: You knew, mister. Every one of you knew. First thing you gave up was a piece of your backbone. You didn't feel it, you should have known something was wrong when you tried to walk and you could do was crawl.

    • (After Paladin killed his friend Tom Carey in a shootout, who had beaten Paladin earlier in a "game" of quick draw)
      Marie Ellis: You took an awful chance.
      Paladin: No, I always knew I could beat him. I just let him think he could beat me. I knew it pleased him.

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