Have Gun - Will Travel

Season 5 Episode 4

Odds for Big Red

Aired Saturday 9:30 PM Oct 07, 1961 on CBS



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    • Hey Boy: "Fred Yost, killer of four, including innocent bystander. During a daylight holdup of banks in Twin City and Eureka. Continues to elude capture. Yost is famed for his callous shooting. Throwing shots at bystanders and women as well as pursuer, at anyone in the way. No one has been able to pick up his trail." You gonna go after him, Mr. Paladin?
      Paladin: Hey Boy, don't you think that it's time somebody did?

    • Red: Quiet, I'm not dead yet. (Bar girls start to wail) Hush up! Can't stand a passel of bawling women. Never did like women very much anyway. Every time I was in trouble, seems I was always partial to a man.
      Paladin: Will I do?

    • Paladin: How far is that doctor?
      Ada: (Bare whisper) I don't know.
      Red: I don't wanna die.
      Paladin: How far is the doctor!
      Ada: It's too far out! Meeker place is ten miles away!
      Red: I don't have any grey hair. You gotta have grey hair before you're ready to die. (Sings) Oh, Miss Bailey. Unfortunate Miss Bailey.
      Bystander: Two to one she won't last 'til sunup.

    • Red: You always think ya have time. Plenty of time. I've never been married. I was going to do that. I never had a baby, either. Nell Meeker's havin' her baby tonight. How come does she have time for that and not me?

    • Paladin: Now, are you a doctor?
      Guy: No.
      Paladin: Have you ever been a doctor?
      Guy: No.
      Paladin: Well, did you ever study to be a doctor?
      Guy: Yes.
      Paladin: And you'd use your talent and your skill merely to decide whether or not that girl's gonna die?
      Guy: Now, look. Red's gonna die because of a bullet. Not because of anything I do, or do not do. Because of a bullet, lodged close to the left ventricle of the heart, let's say. Now, she's going to die because of something that I didn't have anything to do with. Which is more than you can say.
      Paladin: The difference is that you are a doctor.
      Guy: I'm a gambler!
      Paladin: All right, gambler. I'm gonna make you a bet. I'll bet you that Big Red lives because you're gonna save her.
      Guy: What if I can't save her?
      Paladin: That's the gamble. Her life, or yours.

    • Vern: Why's everything so quiet back there?
      Cardplayer: She's dyin' back there. Like that feller said, a woman should be able to die in peace.
      Vern: Sure takin' her time about it.

    • Red: (Singing) Oh, Miss Bailey. Unfortunate Miss Bailey...Guy, honey, what are you doing here?
      Paladin: He's gonna take the bullet out of you, Red.
      Red: Money against me, oh, no, he doesn't! You don't know him. He'd do anything for a bet.
      Paladin: That's what I'm counting on.
      Guy: If Red doesn't want me to operate--
      Paladin: Oh, no. No, you don't get out of it that way.
      Guy: "To save a man against his will is just as bad as killing him". That's Horace.
      Paladin: I never cared for Horace, and I'm beginning to understand why.
      Red: Guy? Mister? Guy? I can stand being dead. But I can't stand dying. Do something.
      Paladin: You agree to let him operate on you, Red?
      Red: Told ya. I was a sucker for a long shot.

    • Guy: I can't do it! It's been too long, ten years, I won't be any good! Besides, what difference does it make to me? If she dies, you'll kill me. If she lives, they'll probably kill me.
      Paladin: The difference, Doctor, is "probably". You can be absolutely certain of me.
      Red: Try, honey. It never used to be hard for you to cause me pain.

    • Paladin: Red's gonna be all right! She's gonna live. (Crowd mutters) That's right, Guy did it. He'll pay off. (Noise increases) And we've got a girl in there that needs some peace and QUIET!
      Guy: Yes, but how am I gonna pay off?
      Red: Guess you'll have to go to work, Guy. You're a rotten gambler. Taking those odds and betting against yourself. Guess all you're fit for is doctoring.
      Paladin: Well? Doctor?
      Guy: In spite of myself.

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    • "To save a man against his will is just as bad as killing him."

      Guy's reference to Horace is misleading. It puts one in mind of the Roman lyric poet Horace (Dec 8 65 BC--Nov 27 8 BC). The quote is actually by Horace Mann (May 4, 1796--Aug 2, 1859)