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  • Just read in the Detroit Free Press... Rapper Eminem stars in the remake of Have Gun, Will Travel.

    I don't know much about this, considering that I've never seen the original show. Supposedly Eminem is staring in what will be a contemporary remake of the orignal television series. There were not many details on the project. The newspaper blip said that it that Em would presumably be working on the Soundtrack to the project and that it was being produced under the Shady Aftermath Films banner. The also refered to the possibility that the films setting would be somewhere in Detroit. If you ask me, this sounds nothing like a Western at all. It will be interesting to see whats coming down the pipe.
  • A greatest western....

    i think that have gun, will travel id the best old western out ther, and it's only a half hour long. i think the idea that Eminem is going to star in the remake film is terable. it's alredy ruined. Richard Boone did a good job of portraying Palidin, and even won an emmy, two i think.Palidin is not your tipical hired gun, he has lots of money and is fancey in every thing he does. he also doesn't work cheap. this series was a fairly good show altogether and i hope that the memory lives on for years to come. later.
  • Q: What episode was this HAVE GUN WILL TRAVEL show?

    I am trying to find the "Have Gun Will Travel" episode where Paladin was hired by a man who's cry-baby son was about to be hanged for a crime. It was Paladin's job to see his son died like a man for his crime. Paladin convinced the condemned that his father had hired him to help him escape. The scaffold would be covered with a tarp and a coffin filled wagon would be concealed under the trap door. and the rope longer than the drop. When the trap door sprang open he'd fall into the coffin and Paladin would then hide him inside the coffin, lid closed to make his escape at the cemetery. The lad walked up the 13 steps and stood firm as the trap door opened. Surprise! There was no wagon or coffin waiting and daddy was happy his son died like a man.
  • Everything good in a TV western, is right here

    What's not to like in this brawny, brilliant show? Richard Boone is the ultimate dude. The writing is (almost always) intelligent and surprising. The production values are the best. And the care taken with the era HGWT is set in (Reconstruction Western American) is beautifully obvious.

    However. Can't Paladin ever be wrong??? Can't he ever lose a fight? Or be rejected by the girl? Or have his jeans ripped or his hair out of place? Just once! Just once I'd love for him to screw up on the job. Or to be strategic wrong in one of his guesses.

    That's one reason the Rockford Files remains so special. Rockford is always the best man around, yet he's human so he screws up all the time. I guess it's the difference between 1958 TV and 1978 TV.

    Still, a great show and here's to Dick Boone!
  • Pretty good show

    Despite how most of the characters on this show are annoying, backstabbing and nasty to one another (except for Paladin), I can honestly say: the show is pretty good. Now I know the seasons on the show have a lot of episodes, but at least they're entertaining to watch. I know it's obvious that the only reason why I got interested in this show, and a couple of other westerns, was because of The Big Valley. The heavily praised show loved by all ages. Other than that, I love this show. And I find Daniel Boone to be an amazing actor.
  • An Adult Western (No, Not 'Adult' Like That!)

    Quick trivia: One of the few (if not only) shows which began on television and was adapted for radio, rather than the other way 'round (John Dehner was Paladin on radio).

    I remember the opening sequence, showing that knight's head holster, accompanied by a snip of dialogue from this weeks' episode. Even at my tender age, I noticed that Paladin seemed to be really p***d off about something most of the time.

    The series is well done-but always had a cold, impersonal feel. Probably fitting for a show about a hired gun.

  • Have Gun - Will Travel DVDs

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  • Knight on a business card?

    The whole show made for great tv and the Palidin actor made it real. I still have the guns from the set My parents purchased for me. Watched show again on VHS and it still holds up.

    Great writing and direction. One of the Best shows ever.
  • This has become my all-time favorite program.

    It seems strange when you consider that my only reason for checking out Season One at the library was that I saw that one of the episodes had Jack Lord in it, and I was curious to see what he was like pre-Steve McGarrett. And a half-hour, black and white show...eh. It only took a few minutes of viewing before I was thinking "The heck with Jack Lord!" (although he did a fine job on the episode) In rapid succession, I had purchased the first three seasons, a book on the show and a bio on Richard Boone, and was grabbing up all the DVDs I could find that Richard Boone had starred in. It's hard to explain this instant love affair. Most of the episodes are excellent--the acting, the directing, the backgrounds. I love the constant variety, and the fact that Boone handled dark drama and broad comedy with equal ease. I love Paladin. The character is strong but gentle, with unquestionable integrity. Kind, generous, well-read, broad-minded. Yet he's not a saint--as he freely admitted on one occasion. He's a human man, with human vices (which he heartily enjoys) and occasionally makes mistakes--which keeps him from being boring.

    I do still like Jack Lord. But I understand that the role of Steve McGarrett was turned down by Richard Boone, and I sometimes wonder what the show would have been like with him. Very good, I'm sure. But it probably would not have lasted twelve seasons. I think Boone would have opted out after a few seasons (as he did on HGWT) to search for new interests.

    This show has a lot to attract all kinds of tastes. I wish it had lasted longer, and, (as Boone recommended) that it had been done in color--it would probably get a lot more attention.

    And I'm still impatiently waiting for the last season!
  • This show is about a gunfighter named Paladin that takes jobs for money. He has his famous calling card along with his cool gun. He is a very honorable guy that protects the innocent and is very tough when he needs to be. He helps people while making mone

    This show is excellent. A terrfic western with plenty of action. Paladin's lines are always great and the story is very interesting. The show can be funny, full of suspense, exciting, and always cool. Paladin always carries around his famous calling card, his custom made pistol, and his derringer sidekick gun. The music in the show makes everything a lot better as well. If you like westerns or you just love action, then you should definetly check out this show.
  • This was a classic TV Western series.

    Have Gun, Will Travel was and is one of the best westerns to ever appear on television. Even beyond that, it is one of the better shows on television period. The writing was so good that it still holds up to today's standards. The regular cast was outstanding. The guest starts were absolutely fantastic. In this time period of television many famous actors would make appearances on great television shows such as this. Then there were the up and coming actors that would go on to become huge stars and used this as a springboard of sorts. All in all a great show that can still be watched today without missing a beat.
  • In a word, excellent.

    Series like this are why DVDs were invented.

    If you missed this show, here's your chance to give it a go and I don't think you'll be disappointed.

    I saw one episode and then tracked down season one and did not regret it.

    Great writing, great acting, great backgrounds and most important, a great character.

    TV needs more characters like Paladin, men of intelligence, honour and courage.
  • "Have Gun Will Travel" is a classic western that was ahead of its time.

    This was the first truly adult western to be produced. It had one of the best actors ever in Richard Boone--a much underrated actor that was perfectly matched to the character of Paladin. The role was originally offered to Randolph Scott but he declined, prefering to do feature films. Richard Boone wanted to do the series in color, saying it was the future but the producers did not agree. A shame since the black and white photography has religated it to few reruns in today's market. The series lasted for six seasons, Boone wanting to leave after the fifth but talked into returning for a sixth. The series could have gone on after the sixth, CBS asking for a seventh but Boone wanted to do his own anthology series, "The Richard Boone Show" which only lasted one season. In later life, Boone did not want to talk about the Paladin character, possibally somewhat bitter that it typecast him. Surprising since after HGWT, he had various roles as a villian. Have Gun Will Travel is still the greatest television western ever produced.