Have Gun - Will Travel

CBS (ended 1963)





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  • Everything good in a TV western, is right here

    What's not to like in this brawny, brilliant show? Richard Boone is the ultimate dude. The writing is (almost always) intelligent and surprising. The production values are the best. And the care taken with the era HGWT is set in (Reconstruction Western American) is beautifully obvious.

    However. Can't Paladin ever be wrong??? Can't he ever lose a fight? Or be rejected by the girl? Or have his jeans ripped or his hair out of place? Just once! Just once I'd love for him to screw up on the job. Or to be strategic wrong in one of his guesses.

    That's one reason the Rockford Files remains so special. Rockford is always the best man around, yet he's human so he screws up all the time. I guess it's the difference between 1958 TV and 1978 TV.

    Still, a great show and here's to Dick Boone!