Have Gun - Will Travel - Season 2

CBS (ended 1963)




Episode Guide

  • The Manhunter
    The Manhunter
    Episode 1

    Paladin is forced to kill Jimmy Dawes, wanted for murder. When he takes him back to his home town, the townspeople, the sheriff and the boy's brothers give him a hostile welcome.

  • In an Evil Time
    In an Evil Time
    Episode 2
    Pappy French and his gang have robbed the bank in Mercede of $50,000. Pappy ran off with the cash and left his gang to shoot it out with the law. Paladin is hired to bring Pappy and the money back.
  • The Man Who Wouldn't Talk
    Chris Sorenson is shy around women and he asks Paladin to help him with his new neighbor, Senorita Maria de Castro, a lady rancher. Complicating the matter is cattle missing from the de Castro ranch.
  • The Hanging of Roy Carter
    Roy Carter is scheduled to be hanged. Another man confesses to the murder just before the execution is to take place. Paladin is hired to try to convince the warden to delay the hanging until the Governor can be reached.
  • Duel at Florence
    Duel at Florence
    Episode 5
    Paladin receives a letter with a bank draft for $82.17 from Ernie Teller asking for help with a matrimonial problem.
  • The Protege
    The Protege
    Episode 6
    Paladin answers an ad in the paper by Kurt Sprague: "Teach me to quick draw and shoot. Instruction desperately needed. Will pay one thousand dollars. Only experts need apply." Kurt needs to learn in order to go back home. Paladin does a very good job. Only one problem: Kurt enjoys showing off his new found skill a little too much.moreless
  • The Road to Wickenburg
    Paladin wakes up after being drugged, beaten and robbed in the town of Blue Bell by five men, one of whom is the town's sheriff. They took his money, gun, bullets, horse and saddle. All he has left is his two-shot derringer.
  • A Sense of Justice
    A Sense of Justice
    Episode 8
    The sheriff of a small town needs help to prevent the lynching of simple-minded Andy Dawes. The townspeople are sure he is a murderer. Paladin offers to help
  • Young Gun
    Young Gun
    Episode 9
    An ex-gunfighter, Roy Calvert, blames the people of Benedict for his wife's death. The town is in the middle of a bad drought and Calvert and his son are blocking the only access to water in the area. Calvert has trained his son to be a gunfighter and Paladin has to face them both.moreless
  • The Lady
    The Lady
    Episode 10
    A British woman, Diana Coulter, hires Paladin to guide her to her brother's ranch in Shiprock, Arizona, where the Comanches are on the warpath.
  • A Snare for Murder
    A Snare for Murder
    Episode 11
    Two ornery old gold miners, who hate each other, have struck it rich. Problem is they talk too much, and now it appears someone is trying to kill them.
  • The Ballad of Oscar Wilde
    Paladin is hired to protect Oscar Wilde. Another 3 men apply for the job, but after Paladin upstages them they kidnap Wilde for ransom. Paladin takes care of them, his way.
  • The Solid Gold Patrol
    Paladin goes to inform a cavalry corporal that he has won $600,000 in a lottery. But they may not live to cash in the ticket, they are trapped by several dozen hostile Indians.
  • Something to Live For
    On his way to help a man and his daughter over a land dispute, Paladin encounters a wealthy, drunk and helpless man whose guide left him behind to die.
  • The Moor's Revenge
    The Moor's Revenge
    Episode 15
    Shakespearean actors are going to perform in San Diego during their roundup. They are in for a rough reception. A lovesick gunfighter is among the audience. The show's promoter hires Paladin to keep the peace.
  • The Wager
    The Wager
    Episode 16
    Sid Morgan hires Paladin to protect him from someone who is trying to kill him. After killing the gunfighter who was following them, Paladin finds out the real reason Morgan hired him. He then hands out his own brand of justice.
  • The Taffeta Mayor
    The Taffeta Mayor
    Episode 17
    John Kellaway, who is running for mayor of Colton, Wyoming, hires Paladin to protect him from his opposition. When he is killed before Paladin can get there, Paladin persuades John's widow to run for mayor.
  • Lady on the Stagecoach
    Paladin is traveling on a stagecoach with four others, one of whom is Della White Cloud, the educated daughter of an Apache chief. The stage is also carrying a strongbox full of gold, which Ed Rance wants.
  • Treasure Trail
    Treasure Trail
    Episode 19
    Paladin wins part of a treasure map in a poker game and goes in search of the treasure with three other men.
  • Juliet
    Episode 20
    Juliet Harper is being hunted by the grandsons of Colonel Jeremiah Pike. Paladin meets her on the stage and now the Colonel is after both of them, and Paladin is without a gun.
  • Hunt the Man Down
    Hunt the Man Down
    Episode 21
    Tony and Walt DeVries are old friends of Paladin. Tony is putting up barbed wire to keep Walt's cattle from trampling his crops. Walt has threatened to kill anyone who puts up barbed wire. Paladin owes Tony his life and offers to help.
  • The Scorched Feather
    Robert Ceilbleu hires Paladin to protect his father from a Comanche war chief who has sworn to kill him. After arriving at the remote cabin of William Ceilbleu, he learns the reason for the Indian's hatred.
  • The Return of the Lady
    Diana Coulter (The Lady, Episode 49) wires Paladin and asks him to come to her wedding to "give the bride away".
  • The Monster of Moon Ridge

    The townspeople of Moon Ridge, Colorado believe there are monsters in the mountains. Dan Bella's daughter is taken by something and he finds strange footprints outside his daughter's window. Paladin is hired to find out what is up on the ridge.

  • The Long Hunt
    The Long Hunt
    Episode 25
    Thomas Orday, half Comanche, has killed two men and wounded Dundee, a former Texas Ranger and Indian fighter. He is now hiding in the mountains of New Mexico. Paladin is hired to help track him down.
  • Death of a Gunfighter
    Juan Carlos Morrita is a ruthless gunfighter who has killed 9 men and is wanted by the townspeople of Santos, New Mexico. Paladin is hired to bring him in. The gunfighter's brother has been hanged and left out in the street to trap the gunfighter. On seeing this, Paladin quits the job. The gunfighter shows up and kills all the townspeople who were gunning for him. Then he and Paladin come to an agreement that if he hangs up his guns he can go back to his hometown to marry his sweetheart. But it turns out that she has fallen in love with someone else, and more trouble ensues.moreless
  • Incident at Borrasca Bend
    Arriving in a weird tent town to return money to a prospector, Paladin finds himself charged with the man's murder and tried by a kangaroo court.
  • Maggie O'Bannion
    Maggie O'Bannion
    Episode 28
    After being bushwhacked and having 'everything' taken, Paladin walks to the nearest ranch and manages to get hired on as a handyman.
  • The Chase
    The Chase
    Episode 29
    Paul Martin is a bank clerk accused of robbing the bank and killing a deputy. His wife hires Paladin to find her husband before the posse does.
  • Alaska
    Episode 30
    Paladin plays chess by mail with Boris, who is living in Alaska. Paladin receives what he assumes is Boris' next move but instead is a request for help. Boris is being forced out of territory he has hunted and trapped on for years. Paladin heads for Alaska to help.
  • The Man Who Lost
    The Man Who Lost
    Episode 31
    Paladin goes after Benjamin Coey, who brutally murdered James Bryson and attacked Mrs. Bryson. Coey has already killed two members of the posse which is after him. Mrs. Bryson's two brothers, Joseph and William Gage, are also after him and don't intend to allow him to live long enough to stand trial.moreless
  • The Return of Roy Carter
    Roy Carter (The Hangin of Roy Carter, Episode 43) sends for Paladin to help search for Chaplain Robert April, who saved Roy's life. Chaplain April was up in the mountains searching for an escaped prisoner when a blizzard hit.
  • The Sons of Aaron Murdock
    Aaron Murdock hires Paladin to find his son, Lew, who has escaped from prison and prevent his younger son, Jamie, from riding out with Lew.
  • Comanche
    Episode 34
    Corporal Henry Carver deserted from the Cavalry. Carver's mother hires Paladin to find him and get him to either return voluntarily or bring him back by force.
  • Homecoming
    Episode 35
    Wrongly convicted Ed Stacy, whom Paladin helped to put in prison, is being released after being pardoned. Will Stanhope, who runs the local freight office, hires Paladin to protect him from Stacy. Paladin soon wonders who is really in danger.
  • The Fifth Man
    The Fifth Man
    Episode 36
    Ben Talman, who has murdered 12 men, escaped from jail. He kills four men in Yucca Bend within one week. Paladin is hired to bring him in.
  • Heritage of Anger
    Heritage of Anger
    Episode 37
    Paladin is hired to protect the Avery family from Manuel Garcia. Garicia is a Mexican bandit who seems to have taken a special interest in their son.
  • The Haunted Trees
    The Haunted Trees
    Episode 38
    Ben Howard is disinherited in his father's will. When his father dies, Mrs. Sarah Howard takes over running the family's lumber company. She claims that Ben is sabotaging the work and scaring off the workers. Mrs. Howard hires Paladin to stop the problems and get rid of Ben.
  • Gold and Brimstone
    Gold and Brimstone
    Episode 39
    Paladin finds a sick old man and his son trying to protect their mine from claim jumpers. The old man is delirious and thinks that Paladin is the devil and has only offered to help in exchange for their souls.