Have Gun - Will Travel - Season 3

CBS (ended 1963)




Episode Guide

  • Return to Fort Benjamin
    Paladin is hired by an Indian chief to help his son, Yellow Star. Not to save his life but to assure he receives a proper Indian burial after his execution. Paladin soon begins to wonder if Yellow Star is guilty.
  • Episode in Laredo
    Episode in Laredo
    Episode 2
    Kovak is reserving the entire hotel in Laredo, Texas for Sam Tuttle, a famous unbeatable gunfighter. After Paladin is forced to kill Kovak, Tuttle must challenge Paladin in order to keep his reputation intact.
  • The Search
    The Search
    Episode 39
    Mrs. Kilmer is dying and asks Paladin to find her missing son, Martin Kilmer. Edwards, a detective, managed to trace Martin as far as Harper City, where Edwards was then killed. Fred Harper, a half crazy man who runs Harper City, doesn't want Paladin to succeed.
  • First, Catch a Tiger
    Two of the three men who brought in and helped to hang an outlaw have been killed by an assassin. The third man, Paladin, is staying at a hotel where one of the guests is the killer.
  • The Posse
    The Posse
    Episode 4
    Paladin stops to ask a stranger for directions and is invited to share his campsite. Later, when a posse arrives, the man announces that Paladin is the murderer they have been looking for.
  • The Trial
    The Trial
    Episode 38
    Paladin is hired by Morgan Gibbs to bring in his son, who is wanted for murder. There is a $500 dead or alive bounty on him and Morgan offers to pay Paladin $5000 to bring him in alive. When Paladin brings him in draped over his horse, Paladin is put on trial for killing him.moreless
  • The Golden Toad
    The Golden Toad
    Episode 10

    Paladin gets involved in a dispute between the patriarch of a farming family and a matriarch saloon owner and her family who believe land they claim rights to holds an Aztec treasure.

  • The Naked Gun
    The Naked Gun
    Episode 14

    Riding through Oregon on his way to help a friend, Paladin makes an unwanted and unwashed friend, Monk. He helps Monk escape from a group of trail herders and Rook, a tough, trick drawing trail boss who would hang anyone that gets in his way.

  • Charley Red Dog
    Charley Red Dog
    Episode 13

    Santa Maria, New Mexico is looking for a town marshal. The only man willing is Charley Red Dog, holder of a correspondence school diploma. Paladin allows Charley to take his gun and tries to help.

  • The Unforgiven
    The Unforgiven
    Episode 8

    Retired and wealthy General Crommer is dying. He asks Padadin, who holds an old grudge against him, to do him a favor. He asks him to take a message of forgiveness to another man who hates Crommer. A favor which might get Paladin killed.

  • The Gladiators
    The Gladiators
    Episode 27

    Allison Windrom hires Paladin to stop a duel between her father and Graham Beckley. When Beckley finds out about Paladin he hires a gunfighter to take his place.

  • The Twins
    The Twins
    Episode 35
    Adam Mirakian is wanted for a murder he claims his twin brother Sam committed. He hires Paladin to find his brother and clear his name. The only person who can tell them apart is Adam's wife, Beth.
  • Ransom
    Episode 37
    Paladin is hired by Carter to find Colonel Celine. He needs Celine to sign a document. Paladin is not the only one looking for him.
  • Never Help the Devil

    Doggie Kramer wins a gunfight, as the whole town he had been bullying watches, but ends up wounded. He needs Paladin to help him get out of town before the townspeople take their revenge.

  • The Ledge
    The Ledge
    Episode 22
    Paladin is on the road with four others when a man in the distance yells to them and then falls off a ledge and down a cliffside. One of the men, a doctor, assumes the man is dead. However, everyone is unsure, and worried. One of the men, a young man named Corey, is deathly afraid of heights but tries to get down to the man to make certain.moreless
  • The Misguided Father

    Charlie Blackburn, an old friend of Paladin, is shot and found dead in Paladin's hotel room. Paladin takes his body back home for burial but no one wants the body. While trying to find Blackburn's killer, he comes up against Win Loring and his psychopathic son.

  • Love of a Bad Woman
    Love of a Bad Woman
    Episode 28

    Tamsen Sommers is advertising for a husband, which presents a problem since she already has one. The husband hires Paladin to protect him from the men competing for the right to marry her.

  • Night the Town Died
    Night the Town Died
    Episode 21

    Aaron Bell's brother was lynched during the Civil War. Eight years later, Aaron is released from prison and returns home to kill those responsible for his brother's death. Warren hires Paladin to protect the townspeople from Aaron and protect Aaron from them.

  • One Came Back
    One Came Back
    Episode 15
    After serving 5 years in prison for crimes committed during the Civil War, Ben Harvey wants to go home to his brothers in Gila. He hires Paladin to protect him and his wagon of goods during the trip. They arrive in Gila to find that his brothers are wanted for murder and there's a posse out looking them.moreless
  • The Prophet
    The Prophet
    Episode 16
    The Army asks Paladin to find an Army colonel who disappeared with his Apache wife. There are rumors of an Army officer working with the Apaches and inciting them to war. Paladin is asked to find and stop him at all costs.
  • The Lady on the Wall

    Paladin stops in the small town of Bonanza on his was through and finds himself accused of stealing a painting of a young, beautiful woman.

  • Fragile
    Episode 7
    Paladin is hired by the owner of "The Frenchman's" restaurant to take a plate glass window to the town of Panamint, a wild gold-mining town.
  • Lady with a Gun
    Lady with a Gun
    Episode 30

    After she attempts to shoot Rudy Rossback and fails, Eve McIntosh offers Paladin $1,000 to kill him. After Paladin turns her down she hires another gunman.

  • Day of the Badman
    Day of the Badman
    Episode 17

    Cynthia Palmer hires Paladin to clean up the town of Cedar Wells and get a gang out. She also wants him to send her schoolteacher nephew named Laredo back east. Paladin decides he can restore Laredo's self-respect and get rid of the gang at the same time.

  • The Campaign of Billy Banjo
    An old friend of Paladin's, Billy Banjo, sends for him to help with an election.
  • Ambush
    Episode 32

    Paladin is taking Blandings back to stand trial and stops at a ferry crossing. They are captured and held along with three others. Someone is coming and they are being held until he arrives. Each thinks it's their worst enemy coming to kill them and all they can do is wait.

  • Black Sheep
    Black Sheep
    Episode 33
    Ben Huttner is a fugitive wanted for manslaughter. He is also the illegitimate son of a very wealthy man and stands to inherit his five million dollar estate, but he must first come back and stand trial. Paladin is hired to find him and either bring him back to stand trial or get him to sign a paper giving up his inheritance.moreless
  • Full Circle
    Full Circle
    Episode 34

    A man who left Paladin to die in his place writes to Paladin and asks for his help.

  • Fight at Adobe Wells
    Jonathan Guilder hires Paladin to escort him through Indian country. They end up trapped at an old adobe stage stop by Quanah Parker, a half-indian, half-white Indian warrior with a personal grudge against Guilder.
  • Tiger
    Episode 11

    Ellsworth believes he has had an old tiger curse put on him and that a tiger is coming to kill him. He hires Paladin to protect him from the tiger.

  • Shot by Request
    Shot by Request
    Episode 5

    Ainslee is a well-dressed, middle-aged gentleman and a reluctant gunfighter. He hires Paladin for a very strange task.

  • Jenny
    Episode 19
    Jenny Lake asks Paladin for his assistance in discouraging Wilson, an unwanted suitor. Paladin attemps to prevent Wilson from boarding the same stagecoach as her but is knocked unconscious by an unknown accomplice of Wilson. He tracks down the stagecoach and removes Wilson and takes his place. However, Jenny later disappears and Paladin follows her trail to a group of counterfeiters.moreless
  • The Hatchet Man
    The Hatchet Man
    Episode 25

    Paladin is hired by the San Francisco Police to protect Joe Tsin, their first Chinese police detective. Tsin has been targeted by a dangerous group of Chinese criminals and Paladin must try to protect him without causing him to lose face.

  • The Pledge
    The Pledge
    Episode 18
    Ike Brennan hires Paladin to escort him and a wagonload of food and blankets into Indian country. The Indians are holding his wife hostage and he intends to trade what's in the wagon for her release. However, on the way there, Paladin discovers what he is really taking to the Indians.moreless
  • Champagne Safari
    Champagne Safari
    Episode 12

    Gravely, an old friend of Paladin, asks Paladin to help when a member of his hunting party is killed in an Indian attack. Gravely arranged a phony attack to provide excitement for his clients and doesn't believe the killing was an accident.

  • The Black Hankerchief
    Paladin is hired by the Deverall family to clear their son, Pierre. He has been sentenced to hang for robbery and murder. But Pierre doesn't think they will really hang a "Deverall".
  • Pancho
    Episode 6
    Mexican rancher Don Luis Ortega hires Paladin to escort his daughter across the border into the United States. However a peon from her father's ranch is determined to stop them and take her for himself.
  • Les Girls
    Les Girls
    Episode 3
    Paladin is hired by J. Brodie to deliver three mail-order brides to Bend-In-The-River, Oregon.
  • An International Affair
    After a Hawaiian prince is killed in Paladin's hotel room, he must find out why three men - a German attache, a Russian prince, and a spy are all ready to kill to take possession of a signet ring which a Hawaiian princess has given to Paladin.