Have Gun - Will Travel - Season 4

CBS (ended 1963)




Episode Guide

  • Soledad Crossing
    Soledad Crossing
    Episode 38

    Paladin goes after the McPhater brothers, only to find one of them already dead. Returning with his prisoner to Soledad, they are stopped at the river. The town is quarantined for a possible diphtheria outbreak. Tensions mount as Paladin, his prisoner, and a band of travellers must wait until they get medical clearance.

  • The Uneasy Grave
    The Uneasy Grave
    Episode 37

    Paladin comes across a young woman burying her fiance, who had been murdered by Leander Johnson and the people of Johnsonville. Paladin refuses her request to kill Johnson, but is willing to try to see justice done.

  • The Road
    The Road
    Episode 36

    Paladin is robbed by scavengers and then forced to cross the mountain in winter without his horse, guns or coat.

  • The Cure
    The Cure
    Episode 35

    Martha Jane Conroy, "Calamity Jane", has fallen on hard times and is drinking heavily. The man who promoted her exploits in the past now proposes to put on shows using a younger woman as the "original" Calamity Jane. Paladin agrees to help her regain her position--and privately decides to help cure her drinking problem.

  • Bearbait
    Episode 34

    In the town of Deerfield, three rowdy cowhands force Paladin into a gunfight. When one of them is killed, their boss, an influential rancher, comes after Paladin.

  • Brother's Keeper
    Brother's Keeper
    Episode 33
    On his way home from a job in Santa Fe, Paladin is attacked by a mountain lion. Two men come upon him--and rob him. Although badly wounded, Paladin is determined to track down the men who left him for dead.
  • Broken Image
    Broken Image
    Episode 32

    The man who once single-handedly dealt with an outlaw gang is now strangely reluctant to go after a similar gang hiding outside of his town. The man's wife hires Paladin, who discovers that the "hero" is carrying a heavy burden.

  • Duke of Texas
    Duke of Texas
    Episode 31

    Franz, a young Austrian Duke, hires Paladin to guide him to meet with a general who has promised to help reclaim Mexico for the Austrian empire. Franz believes the people of Mexico will welcome him, but Padadin thinks that Franz's advisor has other reasons for making the trip.

  • El Paso Stage
    El Paso Stage
    Episode 30

    The town of Bracketville hired a gunman to maintain law and order. When the saloon owner hires Paladin to deal with his son who objects to his father's crooked ways, Paladin refuses and gets a beating for his trouble... and promises to settle the score.

  • The Long Weekend
    The Long Weekend
    Episode 29

    Paladin is hired by the town of Sunshine Creek to oversee the next visit of mountain man Shep Montrose, who tends to wreak havoc every time he pops in for a weekend.

  • The Siege
    The Siege
    Episode 28

    The three Brent brothers, known as the Water Bugs, have been poisoning water sources in the dry lands of Arizona. A fund is raised to hire a man to bring the brothers to justice, and Paladin takes on the job.

  • Everyman
    Episode 27

    While entertaining a lady in his suite, Paladin humors her by allowing her to read her Tarot cards for him, only to find that death is in his near future. His only hope will be a drowned sailor. Paladin is heading for a desert town the next day, where it is unlikely that he will find sailors, drowned or otherwise. However, death is waiting, as a man of the town has vowed to kill any gunfighter who arrives there.

  • The Gold Bar
    The Gold Bar
    Episode 26

    The B.J. Throckton Bank faces a run on its assets unless Paladin can quietly find and return the gold bar stolen by a seemingly timid clerk.

  • The Last Judgement
    The Last Judgement
    Episode 25

    Arriving in a small Arkansas town Paladin finds Dr. Simeon Loving chained in the street. He is charged with murder and Paladin is pressured into serving as his defense attorney. Elroy Greenleaf, a self-appointed justice of the peace, has decided that Loving will hang unless Paladin can persuade the jury to oppose Greenleaf.

  • Fandango
    Episode 24

    Paladin assists Sheriff Ernie Backwater in capturing two young men wanted for murder. He discovers that the two had killed another young man in a "fandango"--an act meant only to frighten, not kill, their victim. Matters are complicated when the victim's brother, a noted gunfighter, comes after the killers.

  • Fatal Flaw
    Fatal Flaw
    Episode 23

    Paladin and a wounded Marshal McKendrick are escorting a prisoner, Curley Ashburne, when they become snowbound in a mountain cabin. A mysterious young girl and a member of Curley's gang turn up to complicate matters.

  • The Taxgatherer
    The Taxgatherer
    Episode 22

    The citizens of Bad Dog, Oregon don't much like the idea of paying taxes, even if the money is for improving their town. The frustrated mayor offers a share of the tax money to anyone who is able to collect it. Paladin takes up the challenge.

  • Long Way Home
    Long Way Home
    Episode 21
    Former slave and wanted outlaw Isham Spruce has a five thousand dollar reward posted for his capture. Having done so, Paladin must cope with four bounty hunters who want that five thousand. He is then bitten by a rattlesnake.
  • Shadow of a Man
    Shadow of a Man
    Episode 20
    In the town of Patchwork Junction, a southern-born cotton farmer named Sutter is being harassed by Adcock, a northern cattle rancher. When Sutter's wife calls him in, Paladin discovers that there is far more to the situation than memories of the war.
  • The Princess and the Gunfighter
    When Princess Serafina of Montenegro disappears during a visit to the United States, Paladin is called in to find her.
  • A Quiet Night in Town - Part II
    After four bored cowboys smash Paladin's gun hand and kill his prisoner, is Paladin looking for justice--or vengeance?
  • A Quiet Night in Town - Part I
    Paladin arrives in the Texas border town of Jody with a murder suspect named Joselito Kincaid. Their appearance creates tension: this is cow country, and Kincaid is a sheepherder. (Part 1 of 2)
  • The Sanctuary
    The Sanctuary
    Episode 16
    Seeking a night's lodging at a mission, Paladin discovers that a suspected murderer, Vernon Good, has been granted sanctuary there to escape a lynch mob. Paladin is forced to become involved in the situation.
  • The Mountebank
    The Mountebank
    Episode 15
    After being forced to put down his lamed horse, Paladin joins up with puppeteer Jack Burnaby, who is traveling to Fort Pawnee to put on a show. Senator George "Pawnee" Croft, who is in line for the White House, is at the fort. Paladin learns that the mysterious puppeteer has a second agenda where the Senator is concerned.moreless
  • The Prisoner
    The Prisoner
    Episode 14
    Years ago, Paladin killed stage coach robber Frank Groton. Two of his brothers were then hanged for their crimes, with the youngest, thirteen-year-old Justin, put in prison, to be hanged when he reached the age of twenty-one. Justin has now escaped, and Paladin steps in to find the boy and try to prevent his execution.moreless
  • The Legacy
    The Legacy
    Episode 13
    Paladin is hired to find killer Sam Tarnitzer. He meets up with four other men who have their own reasons for finding Sam. Paladin is forced to shoot Tarnitzer, who lives long enough to will his fortune, estimated at half a million, to Paladin--or to whomever manages to kill Paladin before he reaches San Cristobal.moreless
  • Foggbound
    Episode 12
    Phileas Fogg, who is attempting to travel around the world in eighty days, needs Paladin's assistance to keep him on schedule.
  • Marshal's Boy
    Marshal's Boy
    Episode 11
    Billy Lamport, son of Federal Marshall Guy Lamport, has shot Frank Gully's son. Before fleeing, Billy claimed self defense, but Frank Gully claims otherwise. Although leading the posse tracking his son, the Marshall wants Paladin to find Billy and get him safely locked up until they can sort out the truth of the matter.moreless
  • Crowbait
    Episode 10
    A year ago, an old prospector named Crowbait saved an Indian chief's life. He was rewarded by being taken (blindfolded) to see a fabulous silver mine. Now that the chief is dead, Crowbait is determined to locate the mine for himself, despite the objections of the dead chief's son. Paladin is hired by Crowbait's daughter to find the old man before he gets himself killed.moreless
  • The Poker Fiend
    The Poker Fiend
    Episode 9
    Mrs. John Neal hires Paladin to retrieve her husband, who, five and a half months previously, got involved in a poker game in Cavinaw City and cannot bring himself to stop playing. The missus wants him back before he squanders their entire fortune.
  • The Killing of Jessie May
    During the war, Jessie May Turnbow, not yet ten years old, had witnessed his father being whipped and executed for an act of espionage. Now, years later, seven of the twelve men responsible have been murdered by the boy. Paladin is hired by one of the remaining five to find Jessie and bring him in for trial.moreless
  • The Tender Gun
    The Tender Gun
    Episode 7
    When the town of Arroyo is taken over by a group of gunmen, the sheriff wires Paladin for assistance. Paladin arrives to find that the sheriff is a woman.
  • The Calf
    The Calf
    Episode 6
    On his way home to San Francisco, Paladin becomes involved in an ugly feud arising from a land dispute, brought to a head by a calf caught in barbed wire.
  • Saturday Night
    Saturday Night
    Episode 5

    After being arrested along with several others for fighting in a barroom brawl, Paladin wakes up in a cell and discovers that one of the other men has been murdered.

  • Out at the Old Ballpark

    Paladin reads in a newspaper article that a hotly disputed baseball game in the mining town of Whiskey Slide resulted in multiple killings. The mayor of the town is calling for an honest umpire, so that the game can be played out. It turns out that the killings were merely journalistic exaggeration, but Paladin has already offered his services: he served with Abner Doubleday during the Civil War, saw National League games in Cincinnati, and witnessed the first curve ball ever pitched in 1876.

  • A Head of Hair
    A Head of Hair
    Episode 3
    Mary Grange was kidnapped in an Indian raid, and her father offered a $2000 reward for her return. Cavalry Lieutenant John Bryson reports having seen a blonde woman traveling with a band of Nez Perce. Paladin teams up with a part Sioux scout named John Anderson to try and find her.moreless
  • Love's Young Dream
    Love's Young Dream
    Episode 2
    Monk (The Naked Gun, Episode #92) arrives in San Francisco to collect his inheritance, a half-interest in a night club. He ends up at the Carlton Hotel to ask Paladin for help.
  • The Fatalist
    The Fatalist
    Episode 1

    A Russian Jewish immigrant and his daughter are coerced by a local town boss not to testify in court about a murder. The daughter comes to San Francisco to enlist Paladin's help.