Have Gun - Will Travel - Season 5

CBS (ended 1963)




Episode Guide

  • The Vigil
    The Vigil
    Episode 1

    There has been a major accident in a mining camp in Nevada, shortly after the area lost the only doctor within a hundred miles. Nurse Adella Forsyth persuades Paladin, just back from a rough two-month trip, to escort her to the camp. On their way, they meet up with two prospectors who have just buried their partner--supposedly shot with an Indian arrow in the back. The nurse takes their story at face value; Paladin is not so sure.

  • The Education of Sarah Jane

    Paladin rides into the center of a long-standing feud, as he comes across Sara Jane Darrow and the body of her father, the latest victim of the Tylers. Sara Jane is determined to kill a Tyler, any Tyler, in revenge. Paladin is equally determined to prevent her. The fur flies when they come upon a young member of the Tyler clan.

  • The Revenger
    The Revenger
    Episode 3

    Paladin receives half of a five-hundred-dollar bill, with instructions to take the Yuma stage to San Ysidro to receive the other half and more details. On the way, the stage is stopped by a Mexican gang. One of the men is searching for the person who killed his wife. Before he can say who it is, he is killed by the sheriff riding the stage, who is then shot by the gang leader. Paladin is asked to determine just who on the stage--including the sheriff's prisoner, an embezzler, a killer, and an adulteress--is the one they're searching for.

  • Odds for Big Red
    Odds for Big Red
    Episode 4

    Paladin is hired to bring in killer Fred Yost. Forced into a shootout in a saloon, Paladin is dismayed to find that one of the girls, Big Red, was hit in the crossfire. The local doctor is ten miles away, delivering a baby. The gamblers in the saloon begin to take odds on whether Big Red will live or die. Red's former boyfriend is betting against her--until Paladin discovers that he's a former doctor.

  • A Proof of Love
    A Proof of Love
    Episode 5

    Paladin receives a letter from Henry Grey, asking him to come and "learn" Henry how to shoot. Apparently Henry bought a mail-order bride, who, after three days, left Henry for neighbor Rud Saxon, who "ain't no pushover". Henry wants to learn to fight so that he can either retrieve his bride, or the money that he paid for her.

  • The Gospel Singer
    The Gospel Singer
    Episode 6
    The town of Bugbear (now renamed Elysium), is attempting to clean up its image and become a more "moral" town. Paladin is summoned to help get rid of the undesirables. On the way, he meets up with Melissa Griffin, a missionary who also intends to clean up Bugbear, but with different methods.moreless
  • The Race
    The Race
    Episode 7

    Sam Crabbe hires Paladin to ride in an "anything goes" horse race. The stakes are Crabbe's ranch against an entire Commanche reservation. When Paladin discovers that the race has been fixed, he decides to ride for the Commanche.

  • The Hanging of Aaron Gibbs

    On his way to San Francisco, Paladin encounters a black lady, Sarah Gibbs, with a dying mule. Sarah is trying to reach Dunbar, Oregon, where her husband Aaron is scheduled to be hung for his part in a mining disaster. Although no one is supposed to see the prisoner, the town's marshall agrees to let Sarah see her husband, over the town's furious objections.

  • The Piano
    The Piano
    Episode 9

    European pianist Franz Lister comes to the United States to give a concert for Mona Lansing, a former saloon hostess. When Lister's piano is stolen, Mona hires Paladin to get it back.

  • Ben Jalisco
    Ben Jalisco
    Episode 10

    Escaped killer, Ben Jalisco, is a ruthless hunter who has murdered more than 30 men. Now he is after his wife, Lucy, who informed on him and Paladin, who brought him in.

  • The Brothers
    The Brothers
    Episode 11

    Bram Holden killed Edna Raleigh's husband, and Edna wants revenge. Armed with an grand jury indictment, an arrest warrant, an order for arraignment, and documented evidence, she asks Paladin to travel to the outlaw town of Thornburg and either kill Holden or bring him back for trial. Paladin naturally elects to bring him back, unaware that there is a deluded old man in the offing, who is convinced that Holden is his evil brother Arnie.

  • A Drop of Blood
    A Drop of Blood
    Episode 12

    Paladin is invited to be best man at Rivka Shotness' wedding. When he arrives he finds that Billy Buckstone, the man the bride's family helped to convict, has been freed from prison and is on his way back.

  • A Knight to Remember

    Paladin is hired to find Don Esteban, who has disappeared. When he finds him he is dressed as a knight in armor and thinks he is Don Quixote.

  • Blind Circle
    Blind Circle
    Episode 14

    An old bounty hunter, Jess Larker, is searching for a rustler named Cabell. Larker is known for preferring to bring back his quarry dead. Paladin is sent to team up with him and try to bring Cabell back alive.

  • The Kid
    The Kid
    Episode 15

    Arriving in the town of Last Gasp, Paladin learns that his would-be employer is already dead. The killer, a miner named Moriarity, claims self-defense. Paladin decides to recoup his lost wages by engaging in a poker game with Moriarity. Down to the shirt on his back, Moriarity gambles everything, including the use of his "Silver Strike" for one month. Paladin wins the pot, only to discover that "Silver Strike" is a young boy.

  • Squatter's Rights
    Squatter's Rights
    Episode 16

    Costigan is a land owner and cattleman. He was shot by Clemenceau, a squatter on his land. Paladin has offered to help him get rid of the squatter but doesn't approve of his methods.

  • Lazarus
    Episode 17

    When a quack doctor informs Boise Peabody that he'll be dead by morning, Boise feels that he hasn't anything to lose by dealing with the town bully, Big Fontana. After a successful shootout, Boise finds that he's going to live after all--if he can escape the wrath of Little Fontana. Paladin comes to his assistance.

  • Justice in Hell
    Justice in Hell
    Episode 18

    Two years ago, Rusty Doggett led the massacre of an entire wagon train. Paladin catches up to him in the town of Juniper Springs, only to find that the townspeople are all outlaws who don't intend to surrender one of their own.

  • Mark of Cain
    Mark of Cain
    Episode 19

    Dr. Avatar hires Paladin to guide him to Jake Trueblood, a notorious western gunfighter who has killed many men. Avatar wants to measure Trueblood's head to confirm his research on cranial measurements of habitual killers.

  • The Exiles
    The Exiles
    Episode 20

    Mexican general Ortega believes that a fortune in government bonds has been stolen by the Count and Countess Casares, exiles from the regime of Maximilian. He wants Paladin to help him track down the thieves and retrieve the bonds.

  • The Hunt
    The Hunt
    Episode 21

    Prince Boris Radachev, eighth in line for the Russian monarchy, is currently in the Oregon wilderness. He sends for Paladin, who arrives to find that the Prince, a noted hunter, wants to hunt a more challenging prey--Paladin.

  • Dream Girl
    Dream Girl
    Episode 22

    Buddy Webster has spent five years away from civilization, building up a fortune in gold dust. He asks passer-by Paladin to escort him to Jackson City to cash it in. Once there, he plans to find the saloon girl he met years before. The girl in question has no recollection of Buddy, but is willing to revive her memory for the sake of Buddy's wealth. Paladin elects to stick around and help Buddy face up to reality.

  • One, Two, Three
    One, Two, Three
    Episode 23

    Samuel Keel hires Paladin to find Seth Carter. Keel gives him the names of three people who can help him find Seth. As Paladin finds them, each is murdered. Paladin is determined to find out why.

  • The Waiting Room
    The Waiting Room
    Episode 24

    Paladin is hired to escort the infamous Wilder brothers to Denton, Texas to be hanged. Paladin and the brothers know that other members of the gang are out there waiting to free the Wilders. A war of nerves ensues.

  • The Trap
    The Trap
    Episode 25

    On a stormy night, Paladin stops at an inn, where he finds a marshal holding a prisoner for murder. Paladin learns that fifteen men are in pursuit. He also learns that the situation is not as clear-cut as it seems.

  • Don't Shoot the Piano Player

    Paladin answers an advertisement placed by Emily Eubanks, who wants to find her fiance who disappeared in San Francisco three months ago. Paladin locates the young man, playing piano in a Barbary Coast saloon, but it may be that the young man does not want to return.

  • Alice
    Episode 27

    The daughter of "Blue Dollar Alice" asks Paladin to help locate her mother, last known to be running a saloon in Codeyville, Arizona. The daughter believes that her mother made money in cattle and silver, but the Codeyville banker declares that Alice died penniless. A suspicious Paladin decides to investigate further.

  • The Man Who Struck Moonshine

    Moses Kadish is an alcoholic. He moves to the middle of nowhere to try to stop drinking and drills a well. The well produces whiskey instead of water.

  • Silent Death, Secret Death

    Paladin is hired to locate Courtney Burgess, who has the reputation of being something of a cad. The only clue is a letter sent to his sister in Sacramento seven years previously. Paladin's search leads him to a lonely fort with two survivors, the threat of typhoid, and an impending Indian attack.

  • Hobson's Choice
    Hobson's Choice
    Episode 30

    Alfred Nobel, the Swedish inventor, is staying at the Carlton Hotel, preparing for a series of demonstrations of his new nitroclycerin compound. Unfortunately, his boxes of the compound are delivered to the wrong address. Paladin is called in to prevent an explosive situation.

  • Coming of the Tiger
    Coming of the Tiger
    Episode 31

    Paladin's friend, Takara, who is a leader of San Francisco's Japanese community, is worried about two insurgents, a priest and a Samurai, who are coming from Japan to cause unrest among the Japanese-Americans. Paladin heads for the Mexican border to capture the pair, accompanied by Takara's son.

  • Darwin's Man
    Darwin's Man
    Episode 32

    The appeal to Paladin is brief and to the point: "My father and brother are trying to kill me. Can you help me?" Tully Coombs' father, Avery, a wealthy cattleman, is a firm proponent of Darwin's theory of survival of the fittest. He is encouraging his sons to fight to the death over a piece of his property--a mere 160 acres of land.

  • Invasion
    Episode 33

    Paladin's employer this time is out of the ordinary: The State Department of the United States. An Irishman named Gavin O'Shea is trying to use the United States as a base of operations for starting a war with Canada. The government wants Paladin to quietly stave off an international incident.

  • Cream of the Jest
    Cream of the Jest
    Episode 34

    Paladin is not amused when he runs afoul of a practical joker in Santa Fe. He is sympathetic, however, when the joker's wife asks for his help. She fears that her husband's constant jokes will end up getting him killed.

  • Bandit
    Episode 35

    A daring young female outlaw has topped off her exploits by holding up the Elko stage, killing the driver, and escaping with over fifty thousand dollars. The reward for her capture has been increased to five thousand, and a number of bounty hunters are on her trail. Paladin naturally beats them all to the punch. However, he now has to contend with pursuing bounty hunters as well as the girl's growing interest in him.

  • Pandora's Box
    Pandora's Box
    Episode 36

    Paladin captures the infamous Billy Joe Lamont, who makes his living by singing, stealing, and killing. Immediately afterwards, they come upon a wagonload of derelicts from Hanna's Six Shot Saloon. Some of them remember Billy fondly from the past and are determined to set him free for a night of partying.

  • Jonah
    Episode 37

    $20,000 in gold bullion is stolen and dropped into a lake. Paladin decides to try to retrieve it but Jonah, a fisherman, has the spot staked out. He's after a huge trout and doesn't want anyone getting in his way. There's also the three thieves watching and waiting to ambush Paladin once he gets the gold.

  • The Knight
    The Knight
    Episode 38

    Baron Otto van Albrecht has a score to settle with Carl Frome, a known killer. However, he is crippled, and therefore asks Paladin for assistance. Paladin agrees on condition that they try to capture the man alive.