Have Gun - Will Travel - Season 6

CBS (ended 1963)




Episode Guide

  • Genesis
    Episode 1

    After an unsuccessful attempt on his life by young Roderick Jefferson, Paladin is prompted into remembering a similar incident from his past. Once, as a youth, he agreed to pay off a gambling debt by shooting it out with a professional gunfighter.

  • Taylor's Woman
    Taylor's Woman
    Episode 2

    Timid rancher Thad Taylor is more or less being browbeaten into marrying his housekeeper. He wants Paladin to stop the marriage. Having met the bossy woman, Paladin concedes that it's going to be more than a matter of simply telling her "no", and agrees to help. However, after learning more about the lady, Paladin decides to try and help her change her image and win her man.

  • The Fifth Bullet
    The Fifth Bullet
    Episode 3

    Paladin convinced a man called Bartlett to give himself up to the law, promising him a fair trial. Unfortunately, he did not get one. Eight years later, Bartlett is being released from prison. The same man who influenced his trial has arranged for five men to come after Bartlett and kill him. Paladin has promised Bartlett's wife to get him safely home.

  • A Place For Abel Hix

    Abel Hix, an aging gunfighter, sends an urgent message to Paladin. Paladin arrives too late--Hix has been killed in a gunfight and has been prepared for burial. The town does not much care for gunfighters, and there is some question as to just how the remains will be disposed of. When Paladin learns from Hix's widow that he had been ill and had not worn his guns for two years, he decides to investigate the situation.

  • Beau Geste
    Beau Geste
    Episode 5

    After 15 years in office, Sheriff Dobbs is retiring and some old enemies are just waiting for the day he turns in his badge. Paladin received a newspaper clipping about the sheriff and $10 to save Dobbs' life.

  • Bird of Time
    Bird of Time
    Episode 6

    Searching for killer Ahab Tyson, Paladin comes across a man named Stryker hanging from a tree by his wrists. He learns the deed was done by Tyson. Stryker already has reason to hate Tyson--Tyson had previously killed Stryker's brother. Riding off, Paladin later captures Tyson, but now must contend with Stryker's craving for revenge.

  • Memories of Monica
    Memories of Monica
    Episode 7

    Several months after Ben Turner went to prison, his girlfriend Monica married Sheriff Reagan. Turner is getting out of prison, and has sent the sheriff a letter telling him he's coming back to get Monica--and will kill the sheriff if he chooses to hang around. Paladin, who owes Sheriff Reagan a debt for saving his life in the past, comes to assist.

  • The Predators
    The Predators
    Episode 8

    After a long seach, Paladin has caught up to accused murderer John Tyree, but they are in the desert and dangerously low on water. Trying to find their way, they come upon a murdered man. Shortly afterwards they find his children, a young woman and her little brother, boarded up into a cabin and fearfully awaiting the return of the killers.

  • Shootout at Hogtooth

    Having hired three gunmen to clean up their town, Hogtooth City finds the tables turned when the gunmen take over and prove worse than the original troublemakers. Paladin is called in to clean up the cleaners.

  • Miracle for St. Francis

    Having come south of the border on the track of a rare vintage wine, Paladin learns the wine is not for sale, but perhaps a barter could be arranged. A special statue of St. Francis has been stolen, and Paladin agrees to try and find it.

  • Marshal of Sweetwater

    Sweetwater was a wild town before Thomas Carey, a retired Army scout and old friend of Paladin, became marshal. But Carey has taken over complete control and turned into a killer. Paladin has to stop him and Carey has always seemed the faster of the two.

  • Man in an Hourglass
    Man in an Hourglass
    Episode 12

    Dr. Aaron Moody once loved a woman, who married a sheriff instead. She has since died, and now the sheriff has been killed. Dr. Moody asks Paladin to look after the couple's son, who is going after the man who killed his father.

  • Penelope
    Episode 13

    Boastful Colonel Lacey is on his way home to surprise his beautiful and loyal wife, whom he hasn't seen for a year. After the Colonel passes out drunk in the Carlton lobby, his elderly servant confides to Paladin that the lady may not be as faithful as her husband thinks, and a surprise visit may result in bloodshed. Paladin goes off to investigate the situation, and finds a loving wife who has been fending off advances from various men. However, the Colonel awakens and learns that Paladin is with his wife....

  • Trial at Tablerock
    Trial at Tablerock
    Episode 14

    Virge Beech has a habit of forcing men into gunfights with him, after which he claims self-defence. One of the men so killed was the brother of Adams, Tablerock's district prosecutor. Adams wants Paladin to kill Beech, but Paladin is not an assassin. A gunslinger who happens to be present takes on the job Paladin refused, and is killed in a fair gunfight. Adams promptly claims that he saw Beech kill in cold blood, and a trial is swiftly arranged. Paladin, out of his own sense of justice, defends the unpleasant Beech.

  • Be Not Forgetful of Strangers

    Arriving in a small town on Christmas Eve, Paladin finds that there is no lodging available, and settles for sitting in the noisy saloon. A young cowboy and his pregnant wife happen by, the birth imminent. Paladin manages to get them a room in the back of the saloon, then tries to get some assistance from the roomful of drunken, uncaring revelers.

  • The Treasure
    The Treasure
    Episode 16

    Jess Harden went to prison for robbing the War Lance bank of $80,000, although the money was never found. War Lance has since become a ghost town. With Harden about to be released, his wife plans to meet him in War Lance. She asks Paladin to provide protection, as there are bound to be a number of men looking for that $80,000.

  • Brotherhood
    Episode 17

    Paladin finds a strange advertisement in the newspaper: "The sheriff of Latigo has offered $200 reward to anybody who brings me in. I hereby offer $500 to anybody who brings me the sheriff. Abe Redrock, Latigo." Paladin investigates and discovers a feud between Indian brothers: the sheriff of Latigo, and a "savage" who feels that his sheriff brother has betrayed his heritage. Paladin attempts to reunite the two.

  • Bob Wire
    Bob Wire
    Episode 18

    A barbed-wire salesman, with the clever name of "Bob Wire", hires Paladin to safely deliver a load of his wares to the town of Anderson. Paladin soon learns that the delivery will likely cause a range war.

  • The Debutante
    The Debutante
    Episode 19

    Mrs. Quincy, of the Nob Hill district of San Francisco, hires Paladin to go in search of her missing granddaughter. Information leads him to the mining town of Jehovah, California. He finds that the girl has a reason for wanting to stay--if Paladin can persuade her reluctant suitor to pop the question.

  • Unforgiving Minute
    Unforgiving Minute
    Episode 20

    Paladin, sick with a fever and fleeing from a band of thieves, unwittingly gets involved in an unpleasant domestic situation. Sabina, the wife of a poor potter, dreams of the material things in life, and decides that Paladin can help her obtain them.

  • American Primitive
    American Primitive
    Episode 21

    Paladin's friend, Sheriff Ernie Backwater (see the fourth season episode, Fandango), invites him to visit for some trout fishing and deer hunting. When Paladin arrives, he finds that Backwater really wants his assistance in tracking down a vicious killer, Will Tybee, who had killed several people and severely wounded Backwater (now recovered).

  • The Burning Tree
    The Burning Tree
    Episode 22

    Mr. Fairchild is a "black widower" with seven dead wives in his background, the last being the daughter of an old friend of Paladin's. Paladin is determined to bring him in to stand trial. On his way back with his prisoner, they have to stop in a small village to honor an Indian burial taking place nearby. Paladin learns that Osage chiefs must be buried with a scalp, and the local sheriff plans to donate Fairchild's.

  • Cage at McNaab
    Cage at McNaab
    Episode 23

    The wife of Brian Larson begs for Paladin's assistance. He is being held for murder and is shortly to be executed, but his wife maintains that he is innocent and wants Paladin to prove it. Paladin finds himself the scapegoat in an elaborate escape plan.

  • Caravan
    Episode 24

    An Indian Rajah and most of his family have been killed in an uprising. The surviving Rani and her subjects must now travel to Makasi, a settlement in America that is located one hundred and fifty miles in the desert. Paladin is hired to escort them, and possibly protect the Rani from the same people who murdered her family.

  • The Walking Years
    The Walking Years
    Episode 25

    Drugged in a bar on the Barbary Coast, Paladin awakens to find himself manacled in an abandoned warehouse. Two other people are prisoners with him--a former wagon master and a woman alcoholic. The common thread among them is a wagon train from some years previously. Their captor proves to be a mysterious young woman from the same wagon train, who had been taken hostage and now wants revenge on those she holds responsible.

  • Sweet Lady of the Moon

    Carl Soddenberg was sent to prison after killing a man, his wife, and son. Now the state supreme court has determined that Soddenberg did not know what he was doing. Soddenberg is being transferred from prison to a state asylum for a voluntary stay before getting a full release. Paladin is hired to escort him, as there are concerns that the family of Soddenberg's victims may try to get revenge. There are also concerns that Soddenberg might still be a mad killer.

  • The Savages
    The Savages
    Episode 27

    Three years ago, Paladin took a sculptor named Spencer out into the wilderness and left him there to "lose himself". Now an art collector named Piereaux wants Paladin to take him to the recluse, as well as his childlike adult daughter. It turns out that Piereaux has lied about just why he wants to meet the artist.

  • The Eve of St. Elmo
    The Eve of St. Elmo
    Episode 28

    Paladin comes to a small town in response to a request by Colonel Draco, concerning an "insurrection" over water rights. He finds a megalomaniac, crippled eight months previously after being shot by Brock March. Draco wants the death of everyone who defies him, and plans to make Paladin his private executioner.

  • Lady of the Fifth Moon

    When a Chinese man is killed in a Tong war, Paladin comes to pay his respects to the man's mother, Jin Ho. Jin Ho asks Paladin to meet a ship bound for China and see that her granddaughter Kim Sing is brought safely aboard, to return to the homeland and assume her royal duties.

  • Two Plus One
    Two Plus One
    Episode 30

    On his way to an assignation with a lovely French lady in Los Angelos, Paladin encounters a Yosemite Indian maiden being attacked by two saddle tramps. Having rescued her, Paladin is nonplussed when the girl, Taymanee, informs him that she now belongs to him. This puts a serious crimp in his plans for a romantic interlude with his French lady, especially when Taymanee's attackers return.

  • The Black Bull
    The Black Bull
    Episode 31

    A famous bullfighter, Nino Ybarra, comes out of retirement to fight one more bull. However, Paladin is his real target.

  • Face of a Shadow
    Face of a Shadow
    Episode 32
    Paladin is hired by Dan Tibner to deliver ten thousand dollars. Tibner ends up dead, with the money missing. There are numerous suspects, including a band of gypsies and the men who found Tibner's body.