Have Gun - Will Travel

Season 4 Episode 20

Shadow of a Man

Aired Saturday 9:30 PM Jan 28, 1961 on CBS
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Shadow of a Man
In the town of Patchwork Junction, a southern-born cotton farmer named Sutter is being harassed by Adcock, a northern cattle rancher. When Sutter's wife calls him in, Paladin discovers that there is far more to the situation than memories of the war.

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    Dianne Foster

    Dianne Foster

    Marion Sutter

    Guest Star

    Walter Burke

    Walter Burke

    Andy Miggs

    Guest Star

    Robert Karnes

    Robert Karnes

    Farley Dyson

    Guest Star

    Lisa Lu

    Lisa Lu

    Hey Girl

    Recurring Role

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      • Hey Girl: Mr. Paladin!
        Paladin: (to his lady companion) Well, we might just as well give up for now. I'll join you later?
        Hey Girl: This has just come for you.
        Paladin: Thank you, Hey Girl.
        Hey Girl: A woman's handwriting.
        Paladin: How old?
        Hey Girl: Oooh, a little over thirty years old. Insecure. Bites her nails. Educated. But of late she's neglected her cultural pursuits for the kitchen. Shall I go on?
        Paladin: Hey Girl, one of these days they're gonna have you up for practicing witchcraft without a license.

      • Hey Girl: Hmmm. Someone's having a pull at your leg, Mr. Paladin. These aren't diamonds, they're paste.
        Paladin: Well, surely she must have known that I would have its value checked.
        Hey Girl: Maybe not. It is said bending over a hot stove has robbed more than one woman of her senses.

      • Paladin: Are you wondering whether you can swing that gun around here before I can clear leather? If it'll help you decide, I'll give you this much information. You won't be the first man that tried.

      • Miggs: Say, you're a cool one. Your saddle dust ain't settled yet, and already you've locked horns with Logan Adcock. Heh, heh, I said things were looking up. Oh. Hotel clerk said somebody left this letter fer ya. Paladin, huh? I knowed you was a gunshark soon as I seen ya. Yessir, I felt it in my bones. Yes, happy days are ahead.

      • Marion: I can vouch for these stones. This ring was my mother's. It hasn't left my finger since the day I was married.
        Paladin: No....
        Marion: I, I'll tell my husband that I lost it.
        Paladin: No, I can't take that. No one has a more profound respect for the established totems of marriage than the confirmed bachelor.

      • John: I neglected to thank you this morning. Is that why you come here, to censure me for my thoughtless ingratitude?
        Paladin: No, sir, I've come here to apply for a job. I understand you need a hand.
        John: Heh, heh, I could use a new life, sir. Doesn't matter how shopworn or tarnished. No bona fide offer will be refused.
        Paladin: Well, your wife has already told me you can't pay wages, so I'll settle for a, a reasonable share of the profits.
        John: Profits? Our gin's inopperative, and the replacement's up for ransom at Dyson's General Store.
        Paladin: Well, we'll work something out.
        John: We will? Why?
        Paladin: Why?
        John: You're no field hand. Nor do I detect the selfless stamp of charity in that face. There must be some compelling motive that brings you here. But what could you possibly want from me?
        Marion: John, please. Mr. Paladin is kind enough to offer to help us--
        John: Strike that last question. I'm already answered. It'll be nice, my dear. Having a man around the house again.

      • Miggs: Howdy, Mr. Sutter. Ma'am. This'll sure put the taste of vinegar in Adcock's coffee.

      • Paladin: You never told me who suggested you send for me.
        Marion: Why--it was Miggs. The old fellow that you spoke to in town? But it wasn't a suggestion, it was just a casual reference. Why?
        Paladin: It's not important. And, you'd better go in the house. Your husband will need you.
        Marion: Mr. Paladin, yesterday that would have been reason enough. But today I'm not so sure.

      • Marion: John told me why he lied to me about the brooch. He said that the diamonds went for taxes on the property. He was...afraid to tell me. Afraid that he might lose stature in my eyes. A man can fail his wife once too often, he said. You know something? He's right.
        Paladin: Well, unfortunately, nobody has yet invented a machine to remove the fear from a man.
        Marion: A wife has to respect her husband. Without that, there's nothing. Can you honestly say that you respect John Sutter?
        Paladin: Well, I don't judge him. Can you say as much? He's a frail man. A weak man. But those rows of cotton out there, he planted those. Barn, the house. He built those, and they didn't come easy. That took some kind of courage. Some kind of strength.
        Marion: Won't you meet me halfway? (Puts her hands on Paladin's shoulders) Must I beg?
        Paladin: Mrs. Sutter, if that's all you want from me...you're overpaying me.

      • Paladin: Surrat, why would you want to kill me?
        John: Because my wife looked at you the way she never looked at me.
        Paladin: Surrat, I'm sorry. You want to die, and I don't.

      • Miggs: Eh, that's my property, gunshark.
        Paladin: You give me one good reason why I shouldn't kill you? One good reason?
        Miggs: Didn't nobody get hurt didn't have it coming.
        Paladin: Miggs, you stirred up all this poison, why? Why?
        Miggs: Well, like I told you when you rode in. Patchwork Junction ain't seen no excitement in fifteen years, that's a long time between drinks. Fellow like me, needs something doing even if he has to stir it up hisself.
        Paladin: Miggs. In that shed you'll find a shovel. Now you get it, and you dig the grave deep. Surrat's bones'll have a better sleep tonight than you will. At least he's quit of a world where a stinking vulture like you can cause a thing like this to happen. Now, get the shovel. (To Mary) It seems that in peace as in war, sometimes the wrong men die.

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