Have Gun - Will Travel

Season 5 Episode 16

Squatter's Rights

Aired Saturday 9:30 PM Dec 30, 1961 on CBS



  • Trivia

    • It seems pretty certain that the street of the "ghost town" is on a soundstage. When the men speak, their voices echo.

    • Paladin refers to Costigan's old, old gun. It closely resembles a gun pictured in the book The Wild West: Age of the Gunfighter. The gun in the picture is a Walker Colt.44, made after 1847, and popular during the Mexican War. However, he might be referring to an even older gun. In 1839, the Texas government purchased 180 "holster-size" pistols from Colt. (In this case, "holster-size" referred to a saddle holster, not a belt.) This type was a five-shot, .36 caliber gun with a nine-inch barrel.

  • Quotes

    • Costigan: Can you shoot that thing?
      Paladin: Five times. Then I have to reload.

    • Paladin: Costigan, what is it? You want to see more blood on the moon?
      Costigan: Have you ever owned anything? I don't mean easy come, easy go--gambling, stealing, gunfighting, but something you've earned with work and the years of your life, fought to hold, sunk your roots in, so if they're pulled up, you die. Now when a man steals something like that from you, he steals part of your life. This is Wyoming. No cows spring out of the ground here, no mavericks to stat a heard form, but all Texas cows, bought and paid for with five years of my life, and another five just living through the war, and another to bring 'em up here, and almost another ten holding 'em, making 'em live, making 'em grow. What do you want me to do, give them away? Or let them be taken away?

    • Paladin: That, sir, is an old, old weapon.
      Costigan: My father used it, in the war of the Texas liberation. He had two then. They say he killed ten men with both. Then, like Sampson in the hills of Judea, "he smote them head and thigh" until they killed him. They said that. You must be tired.
      Paladin: Only my bones.
      Costigan: You want some coffee?
      Paladin: No.
      Costigan: Do I know you?
      Paladin: No.
      (Costigan looks at one of Paladin's cards, which has "For Free!" and his signature on it.)
      Costigan: You said for free; why?
      Paladin: You have a good cause.
      Costigan: Civilities are over, gunfighter. Why?
      Paladin: You had a brother named James Costigan?
      Costigan: Yes.
      Paladin: Killed by a miniball taken at Antioch?
      Costigan: So they tell me.
      Paladin: That miniball was meant for me; he was a fool to take it in my stead, but I owe him a debt. I want it paid for and done.
      Costigan: We had differences. Did you know that?
      Paladin: Did he love you?
      Costigan: Yes.
      Paladin: Then I'll fight for you.

    • (Paladin has swiftly drawn his gun and put it to Quintos' face.)
      Quintos: Aii! You make me feel like a very small boy. My pride is hurt.
      Paladin: I could have killed him. My finger could have killed him, it was that close.

    • Paladin: Clemenceau. Is he it?
      Costigan: Yes.
      Paladin: He leaves, the rest follow.
      Costigan: Yes.
      Paladin: It's not homestead land.
      Costigan: A lot of it is open range. But I hold the deed to the land that Clemenceau sits on.
      Paladin: Then I'll push him off. That's all.
      Costigan: That thought got three good men killed. And my belly still hurts from buckshot when I think of it.
      Paladin: I'll push him off, no more.
      Costigan: You misunderstand me. I don't want you to kill Clemenceau. I want that for myself.

    • Paladin: I've got Jeb Turner here.
      Clemenceau: He's dead?
      Paladin: Costigan hung him.
      Clemenceau: What for? Spittin' on the ground, or because he worked for me?
      Paladin: He butchered a steer.
      Clemenceau: Were you there?
      Paladin: Yes.
      Clemenceau: With Costigan.
      Paladin: Yes.
      Clemenceau: You work for him.
      Paladin: I worked for him.
      Mrs. Clemenceau: When did you get sick to your stomach, mister? Before or after the hanging?
      Paladin: Before.

    • (Following the shootout)
      Clemenceau: He had a small army. Why didn't he bring 'em?
      Paladin: Guess maybe his army didn't want to fight. I made him a promise. I'm gonna push you off this land, Clemenceau.
      Clemenceau: Why?
      Paladin: Because he was right. Wrong in his ways, right in his cause.

    • Clemenceau: Goodbye, and thank you.
      Paladin: Think you'll make it?
      Clemenceau: Oh, I'll make it. Not as tired as I thought I was.
      Paladin: Well, this is for you. (Holds out Costigan's check)
      Clemenceau: No, thank you.
      Paladin: Well, I meant to buy you off this land with it.
      Clemenceau: No.
      Paladin: Clemenceau, it's a new start!
      Clemenceau: Man don't need a thousand dollars to make a new start if he's got the will for it.
      (Clemenceau's wife starts to whisper urgently to him, then walks over to Paladin and holds out her hand.)
      Mrs. C.: Thank you. Thank you.
      Clemenceau: Well. She, she never would have let me heard the end of it. If she was cold or hungry, or my knees was outa my britches. She'd have never let me hear the end of it. I ain't that strong.

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