Have Gun - Will Travel

Season 3 Episode 9

The Black Hankerchief

Aired Saturday 9:30 PM Nov 14, 1959 on CBS



  • Trivia

    • (Nitpick) If you watch closely when Paladin discovers the hole cut in his newspaper, you will note that the hole at first corresponds with the size of the clipping Hey Boy has. However, when Paladin pushes his fingers through the hole, it has almost doubled in size.

  • Quotes

    • Paladin: Very few damsels in distress are so charming.
      Michelle: It's for someone very dear to me.
      Paladin: Oh?
      Michelle: My nephew. He ran away from home and I have a wire that he's in a little trouble in Filito. He's Pierre Deverell. He wears trouble like a...boutonierre. He's disinheirit by his father, a strong and wealthy man. He will not permit the boy's mother, my sister, to help their son. So she talk to me, and I talk to you.
      Paladin: Well, I'm delighted you have.
      Michelle: M'sieu Deverell gives my sister very little, and I have, uh, not much.
      Paladin: Well, money is one of the lesser endowments.
      Michelle: I have some, very fine old...cognac.
      Paladin: That's an excellent beginning.

    • (Knocking at the door of the sheriff's office, Paladin has the barrel of a gun shoved in his face.)
      Sheriff: State yer business!
      Paladin: I want to see the sheriff?
      Sheriff: Hand me your gunbelt. (Paladin does so, and enters to find another man aiming a gun at him.)
      Fitzgerald: Ah, could be one of them.
      Sheriff: What do you want?
      Paladin: I want to see about one of your prisoners.
      Sheriff: Yeah, I suspected that. Who are ya?
      Paladin: My name's Paladin. (Reaches inside his jacket; Fitzgerald jerks up his gun. Paladin gingerly extracts his billfold and hands it to the sheriff)
      Sheriff: These are all letters of credit. San Francisco banks seem to trust you. Guess I can, too.
      Paladin: Thank you, Sheriff.
      Sheriff: Our, uh, welcome mat must have seemed full of cockleburs, but, we gotta be very careful.

    • Luss: Wha-wha-whatya doing?
      Paladin: I'm hanging you.
      Luss: Why, that, that's murder.
      Paladin: No, it isn't. It's a lynching.
      Luss: But you're only one man.
      Paladin: Well, given time, I could collect a crowd.

    • (The Sheriff comes rushing up after the altercation with Dink)
      Sheriff: Mr. Paladin, you kinda sneak into town like a Chinese stampede.

    • Sheriff: What are you going to do now?
      Paladin: Nothing much I can do, except make myself the biggest and easiest target I know how, and hope that they come after me--and miss.

    • Pete: All right, I was a fool, I admit it. But do I owe my life to some stupid kid trick? If they start hanging all the fools, this world will be a lonely place to live in.
      Paladin: There'll be fools at both ends of the rope, believing that they move the winds and control the tides and sentence men to die.

    • Pete: You're scared?
      Paladin: You think I hold my life in so little regard that I'm not afraid to lose it?
      Pete: I've got the taste of death in my mouth, Paladin. Like cold iron.
      Paladin: It's always been there. It's just the first time you've noticed it.
      Pete: You, too?
      Paladin: All my life. Just a little stronger now.

    • (Paladin has cut Luss down from the rope that was strangling him)
      Paladin: Well, get up! Get up, son, it was only a rehearsal.

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