Have Gun - Will Travel

Season 1 Episode 21

The Bostonian

Aired Saturday 9:30 PM Feb 02, 1958 on CBS
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Paladin protects a new landowner from Boston, who is having an escalating feud with an established cattle rancher.

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    Harry Townes

    Harry Townes

    Henry Prince

    Guest Star

    Joe De Santis

    Joe De Santis

    Clint Bryant

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    Chris Alcaide

    Chris Alcaide

    Bill Whitney

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    Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


    • TRIVIA (3)

      • Although Luis Gomez's character is credited as "Jose" at the end, all of the characters call him "Guillermo."

      • (nitpick) The Princes' one ranchhand, a Mexican, is dumped on their doorstep, tarred and feathered, and shows up the next day perfectly fine (and ready to be shot). Tarring and feathering, which sounds like a light-hearted (albeit humiliating) prank, was actually a savage and potentially lethal act. The tar had to be heated before it could be poured on a victim. Being coated in clinging hot tar resulted in second- and third-degree burns, which, if extensive enough, could kill.

      • (goof) As Paladin turns the cattle stampede backwards, you can see a rather large truck in the background.

    • QUOTES (7)

      • Prince: (firing and missing twice) This is a new gun. Maybe the sites are set wrong.
        Paladin: Oh? (fires it and hits a nail)
        Prince: Guess my sites are set wrong.

      • Gloria: If you give in to Bryant, I'll leave you forever.
        Prince: Perhaps I'd rather be a live bachelor than a dead husband.

      • Prince: (Looking at Paladin's card) You are--
        Paladin: A businessman, Henry.
        Prince: I see. But does it mean that when you helped me, you were just passing out a free sample of your work?
        Paladin: No. I helped you because you were badly outnumbered, and because we once had the same tailor.

      • Prince: I come from a very large family. My relatives and their friends seem to control the social life in every city in the East.
        Gloria: They regarded me as something slightly less than a case of typhoid.

      • Prince: Do you suppose I'll ever be able to do that?
        Paladin: Henry, anyone can learn to shoot coins; a man's heart is larger, but it's a more difficult target.
        Prince: Why so?
        Paladin: Takes a certain kind of nerve to draw on another human being. No offense meant, but I doubt that you have it. All your training and background are against you.

      • Gloria: What are you going to do about this, Mr. Paladin?
        Paladin: Well, what do you suggest I do, Mrs. Prince? We got the cattle back.
        Gloria: I suggest that you retaliate. How else are we going to stop them?
        Paladin: You're a beautiful woman, Mrs. Prince. A beautiful woman and a very talented actress. But you're also a very demanding wife. You don't like violence, but you don't like to give in. You want to fight, but you don't want anyone to be hurt.
        Gloria: Is that all?
        Paladin: You married Henry because he was cultured and charming, and now you're impatient with him because he can't be hard and ruthless. You don't want him to be like me. You want to use me, and yet you have no respect for my profession. You're a very difficult woman to please.

      • Prince: There is one more thing I can do. I'll see that you're not barred from the Stock Exchange Club.
        Paladin: Don't bother, Henry. I'm the President of the San Francisco chapter.

    • NOTES (1)

      • Another small tidbit of Paladin's past. We find out in this episode that he was once a "bouncer" in Scully Square, which was located in Boston, Mass. In his conversation with Henry Prince, Paladin mentions that 'in his youth' he was the best dressed bouncer in Scully Square".

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