Have Gun - Will Travel

Season 5 Episode 11

The Brothers

Aired Saturday 9:30 PM Nov 25, 1961 on CBS



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    • Hey Boy: Mr. Paladin. (Shows him his own card, with a brief note on the back)
      Paladin: Hey Boy. Where is E.R?
      (Hey Boy gestures into the lobby)
      Hey Boy: The sage Yung Ti has said that a man who is blind, may yet scent the truth. (Holds card up for Paladin to sniff)
      Paladin: Well, Yung Ti was obviously a man of some discernment.
      Hey Boy: Yes. Maybe. But he was killed by jealous husband.

    • Paladin: Evening.
      Edna Raleigh: Good evening.
      Paladin: Perhaps you'd share a liqueur with me?
      Raleigh: I'm not here to enjoy myself, Mr. Paladin.
      Paladin: No?
      Raleigh: Would you--would you kill a man named Bram Holden for me?
      Paladin: Bram Holden? Bram Holden of Thornburg? No. No, I don't take money for killing men, and if I did, Bram Holden would be one of the last I'd try.
      Raleigh: Now, listen. Two years ago in Fredrickstown, he beat my husband to death with a roofer's hatchet, and he's never been tried for this. Here is an indictment from a grand jury. This is a warrant for his arrest. This in an order for arraignment. And there is documentary evidence to him. Now, what is Thornburg, a foreign country? They say that none of these things are any good in Thornburg.
      Paladin: Not without a passport from Bram Holden.
      Raleigh: All right. I'll be completely honest with you. I have paid two men to try and kill Holden. Now one of them tried, and I--I haven't ever heard from him. And the other one just took my money and left. Now, Mr. Paladin, you are my last hope.
      Paladin: Thornburg is a foreign country. And Bram Holden is its king; you tried to pay for the assassination of a king in his own stronghold.
      Raleigh: Then, uh, you won't do it either, huh?
      Paladin: No. No, I won't kill him. But I will bring him back for trial.

    • Possum: That's a hundred-percent goat-milk broth. Curdled it right in here myself. You see if that don't perk up the hairs on ya. Tasty, ain't it?
      Paladin: Well, that does have quite a taste. You got my guns?
      Possum: Stowed away tight inside. I ain't exactly the trusting type. I wouldn'ta come by the name Possum if I was. You'd have been cooked dead before another sun fell. Him, too. He's still ticking. You or him the lawman?
      Paladin: Neither one.
      Possum: Ah, make no never mind to me. 'Nother swill of this?
      Paladin: No thanks. Prospecting?
      Possum: Manner of speaking. But you wasn't.
      Paladin: No. Possum, what's the nearest point of civilization?
      Possum: Oh. Puma Gulch. Trading store there. 'Cept I ain't headin' that way.
      Paladin: I'd be happy to pay you.
      Possum: No.
      Paladin: Three hundred dollars?
      Possum: No.
      Paladin: Five hundred dollars? (Possum brings out a heavy book)
      Possum: Well. Ah. Delphinium Encyclopedia of Knowledge. Bought the whole set off a salesman in Tucson. I read me up to the "N's" before my eyes watered out. Maybe you or him might read me along the way?
      Paladin: Thousand dollars?

    • Possum: Want some crawlie stew? Plenty of good white lizard meat in it.
      Paladin: Not right now, thanks.

    • (Holden panics when Possum fetches out an ax. Paladin knocks the ax out of his hand, and Possum snatches up his gun and shoots Holden.)
      Possum: Huh. Don't matter now if they hang me four times over. Now that I done the one thing I've been living to do. You gonna take me in?
      Paladin: Yeah.
      Possum: Will ya read to me outa my books on the way in?
      Paladin: Yeah. I'll read to you outa the books.

    • (A passer-by on horseback gives Paladin and Possum directions to the nearest town with a federal marshall, then goes on his way.)
      Possum: That's him!
      Paladin: That's who?
      Possum: Arnie, that's him! Didn't you see the way he's wearin' his guh? Left handed!
      I finally tracked him down! Gimmie that gun, I gotta kill him--
      Paladin: Possum, that gun's not loaded!
      Possum: Oh, let me go, I gotta--
      Paladin: Possum! What about the body in the back of this wagon?
      (Possum glances in the back, then looks at Paladin uncomprehendingly.)
      Possum: Who? Don't you understand?
      Paladin: I'm afraid I do.

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