Have Gun - Will Travel

Season 2 Episode 29

The Chase

Aired Saturday 9:30 PM Apr 11, 1959 on CBS
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The Chase
Paul Martin is a bank clerk accused of robbing the bank and killing a deputy. His wife hires Paladin to find her husband before the posse does.

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    Paul Richards (I)

    Paul Richards (I)


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    Paul Birch

    Paul Birch

    Sheriff Scanlon

    Guest Star

    Wright King

    Wright King


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    Kam Tong

    Kam Tong

    Hey Boy

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      • (Paladin takes a look at Paul Martin's picture in the Wanted poster.)
        Paladin: Well, now he doesn't look like he'd know which end of the gun to point.
        Sheriff: He was expert enough to drill my deputy.
        Paladin: Anybody see him do the killing?
        Sheriff: Just my deputy.
        Gyppo: (Coming up to pour Paladin some coffee) And, dead men ain't in the habit of tellin' what happened to 'em, not around here, anyway.
        Beckett: You know somethin'? For a bounty hunter, you're awful picky.
        Breck: Hey, give me some of that. You know, you ask more questions than a 'sociation detective.

      • (Paladin, shaking out his bedroll, hears a rattlesnake in the folds, and quickly shoots it.)
        Paladin: Well, I'm flattered. He picked me.
        Gyppo: (Laughing) Imagine that, outa all the people in the world, that one liked you.
        Breck: Yeah, you, you know, I thought even a snake was particular who it holed up with, but , I guess I was wrong.

      • (Paladin has been trying to trace which man shot at the unarmed Martin the night before.)
        Beckett: Why should one of us wanna kill him?
        Paladin: Oh, any number of reasons. Personal reasons? Beckett, you set your mind to it, you'd be surprised the things you can think of.
        Gyppo: Yeah. Like, for instance, Breck might wanna kill Martin. He's always out to kill somebody to avenge his brother's death.
        Breck: Oh, shut up.
        Gyppo: His brother was hanged. He was a rustler. You might say he had too many irons in the fire.
        Breck: Oh, shut up.
        Gyppo: (Laughs) Well, he is always lookin' to revenge his brother's death.
        Beckett: Now, you just know that oneof these days you're gonna talk yourself to death, and this might be the day.

      • (Paladin has been listening as the posse discusses various possible motives for one of them to gun down the unarmed Martin. He tries to focus them on the stolen money, but they keep returning to personal reasons.)
        Beckett: Look at him. Like a hound dog on a scent. Don't you see what he's doin'? He's tryin' to get us on each other's necks, hopin' we'll draw blood!
        Paladin: And something almost burst loose. Didn't it?

      • (Paladin slips into the canyon, and grabs Martin before Martin can attack him.)
        Paladin: Easy, Paul, easy. I'm a friend, your wife sent me to find you, she said you were innocent.
        Martin: Helen--how is she?
        Paladin: She's worried about you, and that's all the time we have for small talk.

      • Martin: Sure gonna be a long ride to San Francisco and Helen.
        Paladin: Well, Paul, I guess this is the first time a man's ever brought back the posse.

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