Have Gun - Will Travel

Season 1 Episode 11

The Colonel and the Lady

Aired Saturday 9:30 PM Nov 23, 1957 on CBS



  • Trivia

    • (Continuity error) Near the end of the scene where Paladin is talking with Lulu the Laundress, he turns as someone blasts a hole in his spare shirt. Lulu knocks him down with a bucket, then picks up her laundry tub and sloshes the water all over him. The next instant, as the men surround him, Paladin is dry, at least from the waist up. The camera cuts as he starts to stand up, and his back is shown soaking wet. When the camera cuts to a medium shot, his back is dry again. The camera dissolves to the next scene, where Paladin is being ordered to leave town. He's sitting on his horse, and his shirt is all wet.

    • This is the first episode showing the gentlemanly Paladin kissing a woman, and he does so against her will (after she threatened him with a knife).

  • Quotes

    • Colonel Lathrop: Women of that sort were an essential part of Western history, isn't that so, Mr. Paladin?
      Paladin: Well, I suppose every boom town had its Gloria Morgan as sort of a symbol of its success.
      Colonel Lathrop: No, as I understand it, she was a great deal more than that. Gloria Morgan was the high priestess of a cult made drunk by wine and sudden wealth. She was beautiful, mysterious, exotic, exciting, sort of a living flame.

    • Tuolumne: I came her to warn you. Don't go to Lodestar.
      Paladin: Oh, why not?
      Tuolumne: The country is full of bandits and wild Indians and grizzly bears.
      Paladin: How about cougars?
      Tuolumne: Them, too, yes.
      Paladin: You're beautiful, Tuolumne. And you're such a bad liar.

    • Paladin: Do you want me to tell people she was a saint?
      Clay Sommers: Nonsense. Have you ever known a woman who was.
      Paladin: No, I haven't. Part saint, part devil, a great deal of turtledove and a whole lot of cat.
      Clay Sommers: That's Gloria.

    • Paladin: Must have been quite a lady.
      Bartender: What lady?
      Paladin: Did I say lady?
      Bartender: Yeah.
      Paladin: Well, that was a slip of the tongue. I'm not sure she was a lady judging by the things I hear about her.
      Bartender: Well, mister, nobody ain't ever going to hear of you if you don't clear out.

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