Have Gun - Will Travel

Season 5 Episode 20

The Exiles

Aired Saturday 9:30 PM Jan 27, 1962 on CBS
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The Exiles
Mexican general Ortega believes that a fortune in government bonds has been stolen by the Count and Countess Casares, exiles from the regime of Maximilian. He wants Paladin to help him track down the thieves and retrieve the bonds.

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    Vivi Janiss

    Vivi Janiss

    Countess Casares

    Guest Star

    Gerald Price

    Gerald Price

    General Largo Ortega

    Guest Star

    Richard Bermudez

    Richard Bermudez


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      • Ortega: I am Largo Ortega. Provisional General of the Revolutionary Army and Minister of External Finances for the Republic of Mexico.
        Paladin: That's a very imposing brace of titles.
        Ortega: I have more. But an Indian peon like me is proud of only one thing. That his back bends less than a burro's.
        Paladin: There are things less worthy of pride in this world.

      • (Ortega has been speaking of his first major engagement, against the hacienda where he once worked.)
        Ortega: In the house, there was a library with books against the ceiling. We burned everything, but not the books. The thought came to me, that if a man like that dies well, maybe he has learned it from reading. So I kept the books, and I read. I was only a soldier then. Afterward, I became a colonel.
        Paladin: When did you become a general? After another library?

      • Paladin: French Revolution. One of the Deputies stood in line waiting for his turn at the guillotine. He's reputed to have said, "There was no revolution. There was only humanity turning over in its sleep."
        Ortega: Maybe like you say. It's only a little turn, in a long night.

      • Paladin: Lapin au Chaucer.
        Count: Minutely as it was served at Anam.
        Paladin: (Sniffs the kettle.) Bordeaux marinade? Garlic, with lemon in it.
        Count: Yes! Yes!
        Paladin: Can I have some?
        Count: You wish some? Of course, yes. (Ladles out a plateful.)
        Paladin: (Tasting) Thyme, and a little...hm...saffron!
        Count: Magnifico! But tell me, how do you like it?
        Paladin: It's very good rabbit stew.

      • Countess: If one has lived by a dream, one should be strong enough to die by it.
        Paladin: Or strong enough to find a new dream and live by that. Even you have to admit Ortega is a good man. There are too few of them in the world, peasant or aristocrat. If I kill him there's one less--and that's all that will change.

      • (Paladin and Ortega prepare to face off.)
        Count: No! No, no. (The Countess pulls a bag out of a barrel and drags it over.) Perhaps in a new country, there must be new dreams.
        (They pull out a satchel and hand it to Paladin, who examines it and holds it out to Ortega, who looks inside.)
        Ortega: Stableboy! (Removes his hat.) We are not of the same government, but we are of the same people. And that will always be. (Bows.)

      • Ortega: "Who overcomes by force, hath overcome but half his foe." Maybe Shelley was right.
        Paladin: I think perhaps he was. Except that it was Milton.

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      • The quotation Ortega mistakenly ascribed to Shelley, was, as Paladin said, from John Milton, (1608-1674), and comes from his best-known work, Paradise Lost, (1667). Book One, line 648.