Have Gun - Will Travel

Season 2 Episode 36

The Fifth Man

Aired Saturday 9:30 PM May 30, 1959 on CBS
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Episode Summary

The Fifth Man
Ben Talman, who has murdered 12 men, escaped from jail. He kills four men in Yucca Bend within one week. Paladin is hired to bring him in.

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    John Emery

    John Emery

    Merle Corvin

    Guest Star

    Leo Gordon

    Leo Gordon

    Bert Talman

    Guest Star

    Walter Burke

    Walter Burke

    Mr. Abbott

    Guest Star

    Kam Tong

    Kam Tong

    Hey Boy

    Recurring Role

    Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


    • TRIVIA (1)

      • Watch carefully at the end of the episode, when the wounded Bert Talman confronts Corvin, who has circled around the box canyon trying to get away from Paladin. Talman calls out Corvin's name. Corvin spins around--and reacts to the bullet a moment before Talman fires.

    • QUOTES (5)

      • (Paladin approaches the Carlton's barman and a whiskey drummer. Four shots of whiskey are laid out on a table.)
        Paladin: Gentlemen, I'm very sorry to have kept you waiting; sit down, George, please. Now, then. (Sips from the first glass) That is Kentucky, Louisville Limestone...the old distillery at 26th and Breckenridge. (Second glass) George, that's your bar whiskey and you ought to be ashamed of yourself. (Sniffs at the third glass) That's my regular. (Sips thoughtfully at the fourth glass) Mmm, that's interesting. It's not Kentucky. (Another sip) Sour Mash. Tennessee. (Another sip) Lynchburg, perhaps.
        : Oh, ho, ho. That is amazing, Mr. Paladin, absolutely amazing. Well, can I take your order now?
        George: What do you think, Mr. Paladin?
        Paladin: By all means, George--especially the Tennessee.
        Drummer: Ah, ha. Mr. Paladin, such a fine judge of whiskey as yourself deserves the very best, and I would be most grateful, if you would accept a case of my goods, with my compliments.
        Paladin: No more grateful than I, sir, send it to my room.
        Drummer: Indeed I will, Mr. Paladin. And thank you very much, sir.
        Hey Boy: Mr. Paladin. Your mail here.
        Paladin: Thank you, Hey Boy.
        Hey Boy: (Looking at the glasses) You thirsty?
        Paladin: Not particularly. (Hey Boy counts the glasses, muttering in Chinese)
        Hey Boy: Hate to drink with you when you're thirsty.

      • Abbott: Excuse me. My name's Abbott. There's--(glances behind Paladin) --there's something you should know about if you're interested in Bert Talman.
        Paladin: Well, to acquire knowledge is to be informed; I'm always interested in that.

      • Paladin: A guard at Yuma. Well, I'm not surprised.
        Corvin: At least I'm not a hired gun.
        Paladin: Mmm, there's that to be grateful for. Now, you hired me to do a job, and I'm going to do it. And I'll do it my way, and right now my way is a pot of coffee and some beans--unless you'd like to go up there all alone, in broad daylight, and bring that body out. In which case you're most welcome to go and I'll very happily refund your money.

      • Paladin: All right, Corvin, you can put the fire out. I'll go up and get him now.
        Corvin: It's about time.
        Paladin: Time is a tool, Mr. Corvin, just like a gun.

      • Paladin: You get careless when you get eager, and in this business when you get careless, you get killed.

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