Have Gun - Will Travel

Season 3 Episode 27

The Gladiators

Aired Saturday 9:30 PM Mar 19, 1960 on CBS



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    • Hey Boy: Lady coming.
      Paladin: You may make one parting remark.
      Hey Boy: At time like this, what is there to say?

    • Allison: I'd say the man who lives here is unbridled, rigid, austere, yet one who likes his comfort as well as luxury, although he could never quite forget he was once a soldier.
      Paladin: Someone has been telling you things about me.
      Allison: Mr. Paladin, back in Louisiana, I'm considered a pretty good judge of horseflesh. I'd say the standards are not very much different.
      Paladin: Well, there is considerable difference between the Western mustang and the pampered geldings that pass for horses in your part of the country.

    • Allison: My father's fighting a duel. I got the letter this morning. He's a very proud man, Mr. Paladin. He'd rather die than yield.
      Paladin: Is that a family trait?

    • Sledge: You fast with a gun, Paladin?
      Paladin: If I'd lost many, I wouldn't be here. How are you with your fists?
      Sledge: Why?
      Paladin: Well, these rules say that we get the choice of weapons.
      Sledge: Oh. (Laughs) Well, I guess a man's gotta start living by the rules sooner or later. Still seems kinda silly.
      Paladin: Mr. Sledge, what can you expect? We have fallen among idiots.

    • Allison: We didn't have time for that glass of champagne, so I made you a promise. Tomorrow might be too late.
      Paladin: And the gardens, like a picture in a book. None of it's real, is it? Your father and his friends making ridiculous rules and games about killing. You making a sport out of love, and trying to pretend it's all so sad, so tragic. In killing, or in making love...I don't pretend.

    • Paladin: Well, what did you expect? A slight flesh wound to save the honor of two men who never had any? That's what you paid for. Go ahead. Enjoy it. Well, come on, you've had your blood, let's celebrate! Have a drink! Step up. You want a drink? No? All right. I'll tell you why you can't drink. You couldn't keep it down. A toast to you gentleman. And to you, Allison, the one we didn't have in San Francisco. Gentlemen--to you and your code.
      (Paladin throws the glass down and stalks away.)

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