Have Gun - Will Travel

Season 5 Episode 6

The Gospel Singer

Aired Saturday 9:30 PM Oct 21, 1961 on CBS
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The Gospel Singer
The town of Bugbear (now renamed Elysium), is attempting to clean up its image and become a more "moral" town. Paladin is summoned to help get rid of the undesirables. On the way, he meets up with Melissa Griffin, a missionary who also intends to clean up Bugbear, but with different methods.moreless

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    John McLiam

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      • (Paladin puts the girl's hands on the wheel, then wedges a lever under the wagon.)
        Paladin: Now, when I lift--you push. (The girl catches sight of Paladin's gun and promptly lets go of the wheel.) You were supposed to push when I lifted!
        Melissa: I'm sorry. But I have to talk to you.
        Paladin: Talk? (Drops the lever, letting the wagon crash back down.) Talk?
        Melissa: About that. (Looks at gun. Paladin follows suit.)
        Paladin: Well, what about it?
        Melissa: I'm against it.
        Paladin: So am I.
        Melissa: I'm serious!
        Paladin: So am I.
        Melissa: You seem like a gentleman; why would you have to carry a gun?
        Paladin: Because in the world around us, there are a number of men who are not gentlemen.

      • Paladin: I'm not a gunman, Miss--?
        Melissa: Melissa. Sister Melissa. I'm a missionary. I shall pray for you, Mr.--?
        Paladin: Paladin. And I thank you.
        Melissa: I'll be there to help if you need me.
        Paladin: Is this your first mission alone?
        Melissa: At the mission school, they said I was ready for it. They said they couldn't hold me back anymore.
        Paladin: I believe that. You are beautiful. And your faith is beautiful, but sometimes the essence of beauty is its fragility. And Bugbear is not a good place to test it.
        Melissa: Are you afraid of a test?
        Paladin: No.
        Melissa: Nor am I.

      • (After disarming several men, Paladin walks past two others on the way to the saloon.)
        Sims: You got business, Johnny? Johnny, a little word. Don't happen to be no rye-fingered saddle bum inside. I guess you might have heard of the Durbins, now. (Will Durbin steps out of the saloon.)
        Durbin: Well, if he ain't, he has now. (Starts to draw; Paladin turns and shoots him.)
        Sims: You sure scratched hide off the wrong brand, Mister. When his brother hears, we're gonna ride in. And when we do, we'll take this town apart, board by board.
        Paladin: You'll do it barehanded; bring it over here! (Barber brings the wheelbarrow with the collected guns) Now put 'em in there. Put 'em in there!
        Harper: Now, you just got started.
        (Melissa's wagon pulls up; she jumps out and runs up to Paladin.)
        Melissa: You couldn't wait for me, could you?
        Paladin: Well, you might have said that I was smoothing the path for faith.
        Melissa: You poor, blind, deaf man.

      • Paladin: Perhaps we could strike some kind of compromise. I make it a practice never to wear a gun when I'm having dinner with a lady.
        Melissa: Perhaps that's just when you should keep your powder dry, Mr. Paladin.

      • Paladin: Well, you are a woman of great determination.
        Melissa: Does that frighten you? It's frightened every other man.
        Paladin: No. But I do puzzle about you.
        Melissa: Perhaps you imagine me leading the martyrs into the Colosseum.
        Paladin: Oh, no. I should be very concerned for the lions in that case.

      • Harper: (Handing over a wad of cash) Well, here it is. There's some of us feel by rights you should split it.
        Barber: You couldn't have done it alone.
        Paladin: I didn't say I could. But since Melissa has your guns and your pledges, and that's all she asked for, I will accept your money, since that's all I asked for.
        Melissa: That's fair, I suppose. Of course, I don't have your pledge.
        Paladin: No.
        Harper: Ain't you goin' her way?
        Paladin: Heraclitus says that all ways are the same way. And it could be that he's right.

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    • ALLUSIONS (2)

      • Hey Boy: "Bugbear by any other name smells so like bugbear."

        Hey Boy paraphrases a line from Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet. Speaking about Romeo, the man she loves but who bears the name of her family's enemy, Juliet says "a rose by any other name would smell as sweet", in other words even he were not called Romeo he would still be the man she loves

      • Paladin refers to Heracltus (540--480 B.C. {or 475}) A philospher of Ephesus, his solitary lifestyle and his low opinion of humankind in general led to him being referred to as "The Obscure" or "The Weeping Philosopher".