Have Gun - Will Travel

Season 4 Episode 29

The Long Weekend

Aired Saturday 9:30 PM Apr 08, 1961 on CBS



  • Trivia

    • (Continuity error) When Paladin shoots Shep, there's a hole in the back of Shep's shirt. When Paladin goes over and checks the dying man, the hole is gone.

    • (Continuity error) When Shep first takes a swing at Paladin in the saloon, the blow knocks off Paladin's hat and it lands on the floor as he goes staggering out the door. The camera cuts to an outside shot, and Paladin is still wearing his hat as he comes out the door (it falls off as he falls).

  • Quotes

    • Woodward: I was in Lawrence, Kansas, Mr. Paladin, after Quantrill swept through. Lawrence was like a church picnic compared to what we're facing.

    • Woodward: An Injun barber couldn't have cut in any closer. Shep blew into town not five minutes ago, heading for the Green Front Saloon, like a calf for a salt lick. Now, when you're scrubbing off that trail dust, he could be pulling the town out from under us. Green Front's where you're needed now. I'll see to your accommodations. (Pause) Those wouldn't be worry lines I read in your face, Mr. Paladin?
      Paladin: Well, when a man has two hundred citizens quaking in their boots, it's only natural I'd approach him with a certain amount of respect.

    • Montrose: Look me over, folks, here I am! (Fires a shot) I'm a mile wide and all wool! I'm a  blizzard from Bloody Gulch! I can dive deeper and come up drier than any man in forty counties! I'm a whirlwind mixed with a sandstorm, born in a powder house, and raised in a gun factory! I'm a tornado from Dead Man's Bar, chief of Murdertown, and I'm dry! Shep Montrose is the name. Them that ain't heard of me is either unborn or buried! (From the door, Paladin starts to applaud.)

    • (Shep looks over Paladin's card)
      Montrose: You peddle a mighty fancy line of talk for a gun shark. Couldn't be you're havin' a tug at my leg?
      Paladin: No, sir. I have nothing but admiration for a genuine mountain man. I had thought the breed was extinct in this part of the world.
      Montrose: (Laughs) That's me! The last of the giants!

    • Montrose: Them, uh, dino...
      Paladin: Dinosaurs?
      Montrose: Yeah. Them dinosaurs you's telling me about. They stopped makin' 'em, eh?
      Paladin: About a hundred million years ago. It was change that finished them. They couldn't keep up with the changing face of the world.
      Montrose: Well, if you ask me, they didn't miss much. What's happened to this country shouldn't happen to a coyote. They not only tamed the West, they busted its back!

    • (Paladin has been forced to defend himself)
      Montrose: I don't want you to get the idea old Shep's slowin' up. Sun got in my eyes.
      Paladin: Sure.
      Montrose: Used to be a man could spit in any direction. Country's too tame for a cyclone like me. Best to leave it to the pilgrims. One thing more.
      Paladin: What's that?
      Montrose: Is it true what that little man said? That all Shep ever was, just a big joke? Heh?
      Paladin: I'm not laughing, am I?

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