Have Gun - Will Travel

Season 3 Episode 24

The Misguided Father

Aired Saturday 9:30 PM Feb 27, 1960 on CBS



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    • Chef: Monsieur Paladin, my great masterpiece now will be garbage.
      Paladin: Well, console yourself, Andre. The sun will rise again tomorrow morning, there will be more zucchini blossoms. But Charlie Blackburn won't see them.

    • Sheriff: You got to hand it to Win Loring. He ain't a man to shun his responsibility.
      Paladin: Well, that's good news, Sheriff, 'cause I got some to throw his way.

    • Loring: Paladin. Blackburn's man.
      Paladin: My own man. Blackburn's friend.

    • Keith: Sorry, Father, I don't think we can count on Sims.
      Loring: You!
      Keith: It was almost an accident, Father. The coffin slipped.
      Loring: Slipped?
      Keith: Well, maybe I did push it just a little, at an unfortunate time for Sims.

    • Paladin: Sheriff, I brought Charlie Blackburn home.
      Sheriff: He ain't got any home around here. Fact is, he ain't no more welcome dead than he was alive.
      Paladin: Oh, I understand, Sheriff, that's one of mankind's finer instincts--respect for the dead.
      Sheriff: Ah, where you taking him?
      Paladin: Well, if Charlie Blackburn's friends won't give him a decent burial, I'd better talk to his enemies.

    • Sheriff: You don't, uh, haul bodies as a regular thing?
      Paladin: No, hardly ever.
      Sheriff: But you haul this one over forty miles. Seems to me you got something else in mind besides having Charlie Blackburn buried in Alimo.
      Paladin: And what would you think that'd be, Sheriff?
      Sheriff: Well,  I was hoping you'd tell me.
      Paladin: No, the game's more exciting if you tell me.

    • Loring: Who are you? What are you doing here?
      Paladin: I'm enjoying your tobacco and your wine, and I believe I've earned the privilege.

    • Sheriff: Keith, I'm your friend!
      Keith: Well, that makes you special! Anybody can kill an enemy!

    • Paladin: He's dead, Mr. Loring. Your mistakes, my bullet.
      Loring: All right, Paladin. Use your gun again--this time on the right man. I had Charlie Blackburn killed, I admit it! Use the gun!
      Paladin: "Murder shrieks out in the voice of the murderer"; you'll be heard, Mr. Loring. If you shriek loud enough.

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