Have Gun - Will Travel

Season 2 Episode 24

The Monster of Moon Ridge

Aired Saturday 9:30 PM Feb 28, 1959 on CBS



  • Trivia

    • (Nitpick) Paladin could quite easily reach the miner's pick to free himself if he used his belt or a boot to extend his reach the 1/2" he needs to snare it.

    • (Nitpick) When talking with the sheriff, Paladin makes reference to "Salem witch-burners". No one was burned at Salem; that was a European method of execution. In Salem, one man was pressed to death (for refusing to say anything on his own behalf) while the remaining victims were hung.

  • Quotes

    • Jake: I tell you, I saw it. Half man, half bear.
      Paladin: Any werewolves? Vampire bats? Unused broomsticks? I hate to hear just half a story.

    • Paladin: My name is Paladin.
      Dan: I've had many small disappointments in my life. But you, I think, will not be one of them.

    • Paladin: It's no great tragic thing to remain a child. Theirs is the best age. Their world is mysterious and wonderful. Half real and half make-believe. Mr. Bella, the world we live in is not always so pleasant.

    • Paladin: Since you and I are chained here with nothing better to do, shall we try again? Now, you look to me like an intelligent bear. As far as bears go, quite satisfactory. But as a devil, or an apparition, you know, I suspect you're something of a fraud.

    • Maria: Do you want some hot stew?
      Paladin: Well, how's it brewed? Fillet of snake and frog's toes? Seasoned with an incantation?

    • (Paladin and Hey Boy have been looking at the article on the "Monster")
      Hey Boy: Oh, do not go there, Mr. Paladin! (Hands him something)
      Paladin: Well, now, what's this? Uh. Fossil bones.
      Hey Boy: No, dragon's tooth. Very powerful protection.
      Paladin: Hey Boy, your new country has a much stronger potion for driving off evil. Equal parts reason and daylight...but, thank you for the thought behind it.

    • Paladin (addressing the bear): You know, before I was interrupted, I was about to say that I did not believe in witchcraft, sorcery, et cetera. However...if you have any contrary thoughts on the subject....

    • Maria: Why talk?
      Dan: Why not?
      Maria: There's always some man somewhere who won't be scared off, like this one. (Indicates Paladin) Materialize an apparition on a broomstick in front of him, and he'll ask it to sweep the floor.

    • Paladin: Well...ignorant and prejudiced people like to be deceived, and I think they deserve it when they are. Why confuse them with the truth?

    • Lundsy: Even the injuns don't want it. They call it shadow country, spirit land. Well, you know how injuns are, ignorant, not like us.
      Paladin: You know, until a few moments ago, I was feeling very superior to a Chinese friend of mine. I forgot that he came by his superstitions honestly. He learned them from the cradle. I can't find any such excuse for you.

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