Have Gun - Will Travel

Season 3 Episode 14

The Naked Gun

Aired Saturday 9:30 PM Dec 19, 1959 on CBS



  • Trivia

    • The episode title "The Naked Gun" refers to Rook's gimmick of carrying his gun hooked directed onto his belt, rather than sheathed in a holster. This allegedly makes it quicker to draw.

    • There is a continuity error that cannot be accounted for with stock footage. For his trip to Portland, Paladin is riding one of his familiar mounts--a dark horse with two rear white feet. We see him riding it as he comes up to Rook's camp, as he rides to Monk's rescue, and as they continue on away from Rook and his men. Monk rides a solid dark horse. After Monk clobbers Paladin and steals his gun, we see Paladin the next morning, riding in pursuit, still on his white-footed mount. However, when they cut to the scene where Paladin comes riding up to where Monk has tethered his horse, he is riding Monk's solid dark horse and his own white-footed horse is the one that is tethered. After Monk shoots the two men and he and Paladin leave the area, they are back on their own horses, and remain so for the remainder of the episode.

  • Quotes

    • Rook: "Take him to the sheriff." Mister, on a trail, the trail boss is sheriff, judge, jury, and hangman, too.
      Paladin: Well, your job ought to be easy. If you can find the right man to hang.

    • Monk: Help me bury him.
      Paladin: Monk, in about an hour, Rook and that whole crew is going to be all over this place looking for you.
      Monk: Well, I can't help that. It's... sentimental, kind of. He's the onliest man I ever knew who's meaner than me, and you got to respect a man like that.

    • Paladin: Don't you ever bathe?
      Monk: I've been busy!

    • Rook: He done it? But you gave him your gun. What does that make you? What's that law word, a successory before something?
      Paladin: An accessory before the fact.

    • Paladin: (after he kills their boss) Wait a minute! You going to take him with you?
      Kew: We didn't have much use for him when he was alive. Dead, we ain't got no use for him.

    • (Paladin pulls a wad of cash from his billfold)
      Paladin: Now, this is my price, for drawing my gun. You put your money where your big mouth is.
      Rook: You'd make a bet after seeing my draw?
      Paladin: You haven't seen mine.

    • (Paladin and Monk stand over Uncle Fred's grave)
      Monk: Well, Lord, I reckon You got him now. I'd like to recommend him to You, but, I suppose I got enough against me on Your books now without storyin' to You anymore. If you ain't got him, forget it. On the other hand, if he is with You, just don't believe a thing he says.

    • Monk: It's all right, Mr. Pal-a-dine. We meet any of your friends, you can just pretend I ain't with you.

    • Monk: Mr. Pal-a-dine, I gotta hand it to you. You know, I--I think you're even meaner than my Uncle Fred was. Well, I guess there ain't nothing for us to do but mount up and ride out for Portland.
      Paladin: Us? You know... you smell worse when you're wet! Now, this is the parting of the ways. This is the last thing I'm gonna do for you, but in the interests of suffering humanity, I'm gonna give you a bath!

    • Paladin: Go on, you touch that gun butt and you're dead.

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