Have Gun - Will Travel

Season 1 Episode 25

The O'Hare Story

Aired Saturday 9:30 PM Mar 01, 1958 on CBS
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The O'Hare Story
Hired to prevent the construction of a dam that would imperil a town's water supply, Paladin finds that he sympathizes more with the Irish engineer who's trying to build it.

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    Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


    • TRIVIA (1)

      • We learn that one of Paladin's heroes is the Roman Emperor Hadrian--well known for the fortifications he had built to help keep the peace and prosperity of his regions.

    • QUOTES (9)

      • (in opening teaser)
        Paladin: The greatest calamities in history were made by words said in anger. If you can't back it up, don't speak in anger.

      • Myra: Oh, thank you.
        Paladin: It's entirely my pleasure. A pretty girl completes a beautiful morning.
        Myra: You sound as though you've said that before.
        Paladin: I have, and I'm just as sure you've heard it before.

      • Paladin: Mr. Ritchie, I never use this gun unless I have to. That's why you'll find my fee somewhat high.

      • O'Hare: A gunfighter?
        Paladin: I don't care for that term.
        O'Hare: Well, what do you know? A sensitive gunfighter.

      • Eli Gardner: He's a gunfighter. What's he gonna use in case of trouble?
        Paladin: Brains, Mr. Gardner.
        Eli Gardner: That can have kind of temporary effects.
        Paladin: But it does leave people alive and that's an advantage when the dust settles.

      • O'Hare: You could've mopped the streets with me. Now why didn't you?
        Paladin: I've always liked men who build. One of my great idols was the Emperor Hadrian.
        O'Hare: Hadrian? What do you know about Hadrian?
        Paladin: Well, he was an emperor, great builder. Is that what you think you are, Mr. O'Hare? You seem to be making all the demands of an emperor.

      • Paladin: Was that Joe Marsh who just left here?
        Ritchie: That's who it was; you know him?
        Paladin: Not very well, but as well as I'd care to. Is your town doing business with him?
        Ritchie: We'll do business with the Devil if he's the man we need.
        Paladin: You were just interviewing one of his assistants.

      • O'Hare: Hey--what made you change sides?
        Paladin: Education.
        O'Hare: Didn't that same education warn you to get out, when you know Marsh and his gang will arrrive?
        Paladin: You know, I must have skipped that class.

      • Paladin: Never make a threat you don't mean to carry out, Mr. Ritchie. Embarrassment could be the least result.
        Ritchie: It was just said in anger.
        Paladin: The greatest calamities in history were the result of words just said in anger.

    • NOTES (2)

    • ALLUSIONS (1)

      • Paladin refers to his hero, Roman Emperor Hadrian.

        Publius Aelius Hadrianus (January 24, 76-July 10, 138), Emperor of Rome from 117-138.

        He is probably best known for Hadrian's Wall, a stone-and-turf wall built across the north of England, from Solway Firth to the Tyne. Begun in 122 and completed in 128, it was meant to protect Roman Britain from the northern tribes. A significant portion of the wall still exists today and is a popular tourist attraction.