Have Gun - Will Travel

Season 3 Episode 18

The Pledge

Aired Saturday 9:30 PM Jan 16, 1960 on CBS



  • Trivia

    • They show a nice attention for realistic detail. At the end of the episode, Paladin had been wounded in the leg, and the bandage is visible as he limps to his horse. Once mounted, he's a good distance from the camera, and it's only seen briefly, but the bandage already shows blood seeping through.

  • Quotes

    • Messenger: Speedy Messenger Service.
      Paladin: (Doing a doubletake) Oh?
      Messenger: Yours? (Shows Paladin's card)
      Paladin: Yes.
      (Messenger counts out a large wad of cash)
      Messenger: He's waitin' for ya on the Caibab Forest Road. (Turns to go; Paladin lunges and snags the back of his uniform)
      Paladin: Wait of minute! Oooh. Who's waiting and why?
      Messenger: Do I ask 'em why, do I ask 'em who? Speed is my business, and questions slow me down.
      Paladin: Well, do you always deliver loose money like this?
      Messenger: Told him he ought to wrap it. But he was in a hurry. So am I. There's a city out there waitin' for its bills, its invoices, checks, messages--lifeblood of the nation. All right with you if we get on with it?
      Paladin: (Faintly) Yeah. I beg your pardon.

    • Brennan: You know, it drove her dad out of his mind. "You're an old man," he said. "And she's a young girl". So I beat him up to show.
      Paladin: You don't give up easily, do you?
      Brennan: No, and I don't. I beat up the man who became my father-in-law, and the Lord bless 'im for that. And then I beat up Tom, her oldest brother. And a sweeter man you never met in all your life. Then I beat up Fred, Theodore, Gene, and John.
      Paladin: (chuckling) What did you do then?
      Brennan: Then I beat up Tim.

    • Lieutenant: I'm gonna tell you the truth, Mister. If I'da caught you two earlier today, with that gun, court martial'uv strung you up in the morning.
      Paladin: Maybe that's why I prefer the civilian way of doing things, Lieutenant.

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