Have Gun - Will Travel

Season 4 Episode 9

The Poker Fiend

Aired Saturday 9:30 PM Nov 12, 1960 on CBS



  • Trivia

    • While Warren Oates is listed in the credits, he speaks no lines in this episode, merely appearing in the background during the poker scene.

  • Quotes

    • (Paladin has been given a letter and peruses the Latin motto on the engraved seal.)
      Paladin: Aut Caesar, Aut Nihil. "Either Caesar or Nothing." Aut Paladin, Aut Nihil

    • Neal: My wife? He's from my wife?
      Sarah: You said you wanted to see him about a game!
      Paladin: John Paul, she misses you. She misses you about seven hundred thousand dollars' worth.
      Sarah: The dirtiest thing I can call you is a man; another lying, double-crossing man!
      Paladin: Thank you. Mr. Neal. You have a tiger by the tail. I am offering you a chance to let go and back away.
      Sarah: John? John? She paid him to bring you back, like an animal. John? You gonna listen to him? John, she don't love you. Don't you see, you're no good to her, don't listen to him.
      Neal: Shoot me. Shoot me. It's what she wants, ain't it? It's what Waller wants. (chuckles) Oh, I'd like to see her face when she hears that you killed me. She'll laugh herself to death. (whimpers) I'm no good to anybody. Let Waller have me; let him kill me.
      Paladin: Oh, he won't kill you yet; you still have some of your big money left.
      Sarah: Why don't you go beat your horse and leave this man alone?
      Paladin: This man? This man? You think this wreck of self pity, this whining leftover of two women is a man?

    • Waller: Well, you know Mr. Neal's not on my pay roll. He can leave town whenever he wants.
      Paladin: It's a disease with him, he can't leave and you know that. Now, he must be more trouble to you than he's worth. Why Neal, what did he do to you?
      Waller: The big men stuffed the opportunity in their pockets. Only thing they left was the desert; railroads got most of that.
      Paladin: So you take it right out of their hides. This time it's Neal's hide.
      Waller: When I'm done with Mr. Neal, I'll let you know. Then you can come and fetch him home to his wife.
      Paladin: All right, Waller. It's a game with you, hmmm? A cruel game. Well, let's make it a little bit more exciting. Let's play for him. You and me. For his soul. If that interests you more.
      Waller: Yes. Yes. Yes, that interests me. Playing for this man's soul?
      Paladin: That's right. Like Faustus. Play poker for his soul. And if Neal wins he can settle it his own way.
      Waller: Well, it's not likely Mr. Neal will change the habits of a lifetime. And if I recall my Faustus correctly, Mephistopheles wins out in the last act.
      Paladin: No, he was the junior partner. Lucifer was the commander-in-chief.
      Waller: Yes, yes. I won't underestimate you, Paladin, I promise you that.

    • Neal: Fifteen thousand. (snickers) Ah, it's only money, Mr. Waller. That's what you always keep telling me.
      Waller: Thinking with your mouth as usual, Mr. Neal. Think of your loving wife, you won't be so happy.
      Neal: The bet is fifteen thousand to you. You have a straight or don't you? And no call to bring up my wife.
      Waller: That's right, Miss Sarah's here, I completely forgot; you lead a complex life, Mr. Neal.
      Paladin: Well, you are bitter, Mr. Waller, you are very bitter indeed. Sweeten up and play cards. Mr. Neal's soul may yet belong to him.
      Neal: The bet is fifteen thousand to you.
      Waller: Yes. I...raise. Is it a good bet? Or is it a bluff?
      Paladin: Bluff or bet, Waller, many a man has died of rat bite. And they tell me the most serious, the most deadly kind of rat bite is that of a cornered rat.

    • Paladin: Mr. Hat, how much money is in that pot?
      Billy the Hat: Hundred and two thousand, three hundred and fifty.
      Paladin: And Neal, what's he worth to you?
      Waller: I didn't think you meant it.
      Paladin: Yes, you did.
      Waller: But no one could really win your soul, could they, Mr. Neal? Not really.
      Neal: What do you mean? My soul's my own; nobody owns me!
      Waller: You see, Paladin? The rat thinks his trap is a palace.
      Neal: Paladin!?!?
      Paladin: Too bad, John Paul. You just lost your last chance. If you'd stayed and won, you could have gone with me, or stayed with Waller as you chose. As things now stand, Waller wins you if he wins this pot.
      Neal: You can't do that! That's slavery!
      Paladin: I call.

    • Waller: There's no need for violence. Mr. Paladin, I believe you've won. Congratulations. John Paul, thank you. Remember the game's always open.
      Neal: No. No more. No more. I'm never coming back.
      Waller: We'll be expecting you.
      Sarah: Oh yes, John Paul. We'll be waiting.
      Waller: I've lost this battle, Mr. Paladin. I don't expect to lose the war. Enjoy your trip to San Francisco.
      Paladin: Thank you.

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