Have Gun - Will Travel

Season 4 Episode 19

The Princess and the Gunfighter

Aired Saturday 9:30 PM Jan 21, 1961 on CBS



  • Trivia

    • This episode is clearly a take-off of the film "Roman Holiday"--right down to choosing an actress who bears a more than passing resemblance to Audrey Hepburn.

  • Quotes

    • Serafina: Oh. San Francisco. I do not wish to return--to go there. In fact, I refuse. I absolutely refuse!
      Paladin: Well, there is a town about ten or twelve miles from here--at least I think there's a town. I'll let somebody there know that you're here.
      Serafina: Here?
      Paladin: Yes. You don't have to worry about Indians; they only attack in the daytime, so at night you'll be quite all right. You'll have to build a fire to keep the mountain lions away--of course, that might cause the rattlesnakes to come in for the warmth.
      Serafina: You sound as though you are trying to discourage me.
      Paladin: Now, why would I wanna do a thing like that?
      Serafina: I don't know why. At any rate, you have discouraged me. I will accompany you to San Francisco.
      Paladin: Oh, I don't know if I could accept the responsibility.
      Serafina: Oh, but I insist.
      Paladin: Nnnnno, I, I don't knowerrrrrh.
      Serafina: I command it...well?
      Paladin: You know, there is a very ancient Sanskrit saying, with which I find myself very much in accord. "He who tastes pride, may command. But only he who swallows pride may ask."
      Serafina: You wish me to say please?
      Paladin: I wish you to say please.
      Serafina: ...Please.

    • Paladin: You seem to be all alone here.
      Serafina: It appears that my bearers have run off.
      Paladin: Oh? Now, why in the world would they want to do a thing like that?
      Serafina: Well, how should I be expected to fathom the motives of American males--they're savages!
      Paladin: To a man.

    • Paladin: Now that we have settled the menu, I think it's just about time for a lesson in political history. Aristotle tells us that man is a political animal, and therefore he seeks some organization in his society. In seeking that organization, man has a choice; he can choose anarchy, tyranny, and democracy. Man's nature rejects anarchy, his wisdom rejects tyranny, but having chosen democracy, he must also accept the responsibilities of democracy. Hmmm? For example, in any small unit of society, such as, uh, ours, we can share the responsibilities. For example, uh, I will unload the horses, and you will cook the dinner.
      Serafina: Oh, I'm certainly not!
      Paladin: No. Well, we could, uh, divide the responsibilities then, yes? For example, I will unload my things, and cook my dinner, and you will unload your things, and cook your dinner. And since that large chest is yours, suppose you start with that? Now, uh, in a democracy, we decide things by ballot. And I vote that we pool our labor. Now how do you vote, do you vote yes? Or no?
      Serafina: I vote yes.

    • Serafina: Oh, but you would not understand. To be told what to think, and how to think, and what to wear, what not to wear, how to walk, how to rise, how to sit...oh, yes, how to sit. It takes years of practice to learn how to sit like a wax dummy. Oh, but you would not understand.
      Paladin: Because I am one of the savages.
      Serafina: No, because you are free. Truly free.
      Paladin: We're none of us truly free. Not you, not Trouschka. And not me. Once in a while, we can reach through the bars of our dungeon...and touch. But we're not free. Marcus Aurelius in one of his Meditations, says that "The noble acceptance of the prison of one's self, is the ultimate and only duty of man."
      Serafina: Duty. Duty. Duty. And what of happiness? What of wishes? And desires? What of needs?

    • Serafina: You are going to sleep here?
      Paladin: Well, that's the general idea.
      Serafina: Well, then, where am I supposed to go?
      Paladin: Well, right there looks like a wonderful place to me.
      Serafina: Well, this isn't possible, you, you are a stranger.
      Paladin: Well, could you think of some way that we might get better acquainted in a hurry? I'm tired.
      Serafina: I should have known better than to expect gallantry from a--
      Paladin: Savage. A free, noble savage.

    • Serafina: Must we go back? Could we not, could we not...be free here? Together.
      (They kiss)
      Paladin: If there were no such thing as duty. If there were only wishes. I would wish away every kingdom in the world but this one. And I would never go back.

    • Serafina: There is something I must tell you. No, you must let me. I lied to you. I'm not what I seemed. I am--
      Paladin: Princess Alisna Serafina of Montenegro.
      Serafina: You knew? (Paladin hands her his card) You were paid to come after me. To bring me back here as a prisoner. You are a gigolo!
      Paladin: No. Whatever happened between us was part of no bargain. By being what you are--a promise of fulfillment, and beauty, and peace, you made my job infinitely more difficult, not easier.
      Serafina: I'm surprised you've not used up your store of pretty speeches.
      Paladin: Whatever I said to you, I meant.
      Serafina: How much did they pay you for me?
      Paladin: Nothing yet. Cash on delivery.
      Serafina: I'm ready. Will you bring me to them bound?
      Paladin: You don't have to go. I'll take you anywhere you want to go. On one condition.
      Serafina: And what is that?
      Paladin: That it be truly what you want. You remember Marcus Aurelius?
      Serafina: Yes.
      Paladin: Well, he said another thing. He said that duty is like a man's shadow. He may cast his eyes away from it, yet will it follow him even as he flees. There are some people born to obligations which they can not run away from without causing suffering to many others. You are such a one, Serafina.
      Serafina: But we, we did reach for a moment beyond the dungeon bars, didn't we?
      Paladin: Yes.
      Serafina: And we touched.
      Paladin: And we touched.

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