Have Gun - Will Travel

Season 4 Episode 19

The Princess and the Gunfighter

Aired Saturday 9:30 PM Jan 21, 1961 on CBS



  • Quotes

    • Serafina: Oh, but you would not understand. To be told what to think, and how to think, and what to wear, what not to wear, how to walk, how to rise, how to sit...oh, yes, how to sit. It takes years of practice to learn how to sit like a wax dummy. Oh, but you would not understand.
      Paladin: Because I am one of the savages.
      Serafina: No, because you are free. Truly free.
      Paladin: We're none of us truly free. Not you, not Trouschka. And not me. Once in a while, we can reach through the bars of our dungeon...and touch. But we're not free. Marcus Aurelius in one of his Meditations, says that "The noble acceptance of the prison of one's self, is the ultimate and only duty of man."
      Serafina: Duty. Duty. Duty. And what of happiness? What of wishes? And desires? What of needs?

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