Have Gun - Will Travel

Season 4 Episode 14

The Prisoner

Aired Saturday 9:30 PM Dec 17, 1960 on CBS



  • Trivia

    • At the beginning of the episode, a man approaches Paladin, wanting him to sign a document concerning his part in the Groton gang incident, some eleven years previously.  He states that the eldest Groton brother was the only one who escaped a trap set up for them, and some time later Paladin...er...killed him.  He then states that Justin Groton, the youngest brother, was the only one taken alive.  However, Justin later relates how he stood at the window of his cell and watched as two of his brothers were hanged.

  • Quotes

    • Justin: I didn't mean to cause you no trouble. But I kept remembering Jim and Harry. They were my brothers. Right through there. I can remember crawling up on the bunk and...and watching them hung. It, it was like they seen me. And was trying to call out to me. Huh. That's an awful unkindly way for a man to die.

    • Judge: Mr. Paladin, there are just two prerequisites for the administration of justice. Here, or in Boston, or any other place. To know the law thoroughly and to pass on it impartially and to the letter.

    • Paladin: Would you have sentenced him to death? Would you have hung a thirteen-year-old boy to teach him a lesson?
      Judge: That alters nothing. Such a sentence was passed and this court must abide by its determination.
      Paladin: Passed by whom? By reasonable, calm men? No, sir. That sentence was passed and imposed by a town choked with hate.

    • Justin: My brother told me. He said, kill 'em or they'll kill me. What good is the law? He says I'm free. But I'm not! I can't even buy a penny licorice!

    • Paladin: Judge, this is indeed not Boston. Now, will you let me have it? (Judge nods) Now, you people! Unless you're interested in seeing five dead men in the middle of this street! Justy?
      Justin: Keep back!
      (Paladin approaches with his hands raised)
      Paladin: Justy, this is a different kind of court. You can be your own judge and jury now. If Keel was right about you, all you have to do to prove it is...pull the trigger.
      Justin: It was just, he said I was free. You heard him.
      Paladin: But, freedom doesn't come in a book. There's no writ, no code, no side issue that can guarantee it.
      Justin: Then how?
      Paladin: I don't know. But I do know you have to keep fighting people like that. Without using their ways. Until somehow, some day, maybe you can tear away the scales of blindness.

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